Event Safety and Security with Rock N’ Roll Marathon’s Ted Metellus

August 2nd, 2016

Event Safety and Security with Rock N’ Roll Marathon’s Ted Metellus

Ted and Lennd.com's Chris Carver discuss the evolution of event safety and security, his idol Bill Bellamy and more.

Lennd.com’s Co-Founder & CEO sat down with Competitor Group’s Ted “The Man” Metellus to un-ravel the details of location scouting for a major mass participation event. As Director of Course Operations for the Rock N’ Roll Marathon Series, Ted gives his insights and tips on how to put yourself and your team in the best position to have a safe and secure event.

Ted discusses everything from the importance of building strong relationships with local authorities, to finding the balance between leading by example and letting others get in the back of the truck, so he can have a larger vision for the event.

“Ted is the epitome of a leader who loves what he does and loves who he works with. This is one of those interviews that everyone can learn from” says Chris Carver.



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Event Safety and Security with Rock N’ Roll Marathon’s Ted Metellus

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