Austin-Based SPIbelt® Acquires Nite Beams™ LED Safety Gear Running Division

November 27th, 2017

Austin-Based SPIbelt® Acquires Nite Beams™ LED Safety Gear Running Division

Newly Rebranded SPIbeams Light-up Personal Safety Products Set to Officially Debut at The Running Event

November 2017 – Austin, TX – Austin-based and female owned fitness innovator SPIbelt® has acquired the running gear division of Nite BeamsLED safety accessories. Now being marketed under the name SPIbeams®, this collection of light-up wearables will add several new products to its lineup. SPIbeams will officially be unveiled to the public at The Running Event 2017 in Austin, Texas. Slated for November 28th  to December 1st, 2017 at the Austin Convention Center, this conference/trade show showcases the most inventive products in running wear, performance apparel, sportswear, sports equipment, and more.

In a March 31, 2017 article, “Newsweek” ( reported, “The number of pedestrians killed on America’s streets has increased by 11 percent in one year.” Citing statistics from the Governors Highway Safety Association, the article revealed that “some 5,997 pedestrians were fatally struck in 2016, up from 5,376 in 2015 and 4,910 in 2014.” The report also highlighted this sobering statistic: “74 percent of all [such] accidents occurred at nighttime.”

“We are really looking forward to offering our customers products that will help keep them safe while outside at night,” says SPIbelt’s CEO and owner, Kim Overton. “While we are rebranding the line as SPIbeams to better fit under the SPIbelt® brand, none of the products’ hallmark features will change. Nighttime outdoor enthusiasts can still expect the same unparalleled level of personal protection they have grown accustomed to from the Night Beams label.”

What the acquisition will do is allow the SPIbelt® brand to continue expanding. SPIbeams includes both USB rechargeable and battery-powered headwear, shoelaces, and wristbands as well as LED spurs, arm and leg bands, and gloves.

SPIbelt has timed the debut of their new product line in accordance with November being National Running Safety month. SPIbeams LED safety gear products provide instant high-visibility for up to 1,400 feet (one quarter mile) from the front, side, or back and are designed specifically to keep runners and other exercisers safe when out at night.

To learn more about SPIbeams visit For more information on how to keep safe from vehicular accidents while out running, walking or exercising at night, please contact Dawn Ryden at 512-294-6218 or 

About SPIbelt®

Austin-based SPIbelt® is proud to be celebrating its 10th year in business being committed to creating fitness products that help simplify your life and support a healthy, active lifestyle. Since launching in 2007, SPIbelt® has expanded to offer a range of uniquely innovative products that have become staple accessories among runners, triathletes, travelers, and individuals who carry medical devices, such as an insulin pump or an EpiPen®. The SPIbelt® mission is to continue creating products that allow users to keep their personal items secure and safe while on the go, supporting their pursuits of a healthy and active lifestyle. For more information please visit


Austin-Based SPIbelt® Acquires Nite Beams™ LED Safety Gear Running Division

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