WRCC Achieves Non-Profit Status, Launches Membership

February 9, 2023

Organization Amplifies the Power of Women Coaches in Sport

CONROE, TEXAS – FEBRUARY 9, 2023 – The Women’s Running Coaches Collective (WRCC), a non-profit dedicated to promoting the opportunities and culture of track, field, and distance running for female coaches and athletes, is proud to announce the launch of its membership program.

The WRCC is leading a new coaching philosophy that focuses on the comprehensive and holistic approach to the athlete. Women coaches bring unique strengths that improve the performance and lives of athletes. The organization’s mission is to amplify the power of women coaches in the sport though the following core tenants:

  • Empowering female coaches
  • Educating on coaching the whole athlete to improve performance and more importantly create a win for life culture
  • Serving as a resource for all coaches who are coaching female athletes

Memberships are available for $50, with student memberships at $25. Scholarships are offered for those in need. Benefits of membership include access to the community, free virtual workshops, discounted in-person clinics and retreats, and partner benefits.

The WRCC is headed by Co-President Shelia Burrell and Melissa Hill. Burrell is a 2x Olympian, World Championship Bronze Medalist, and Director of Track and Field at San Diego State University. Hill is the Founder and CEO of Runner2Runner, has a Bachelors of Science with a focus on Exercise Science, and was a Collegiate runner at Texas Tech University.

“As a younger coach, I was told that all good female sprint coaches coached like men. That never sat right with my spirit,” said Burrell. “With the WRCC, we want to create an environment for women to develop and succeed at the highest level. We recognize that women are different and we need a space where we are empowered to use our differences to motivate, educate and inspire other women and coaches.”

“My goal is that WRCC literally changes the landscape for women in coaching runners,” said Hill. “The WRCC exists to assist in every phase for women coaches; encouraging more women to enter the coaching field, parity for women, research and education, support, and career development.”

The WRCC is supported by Mondo + Mondo Cares, its largest financial partner, as well as Stanford FASTR Program, Prehab, Edge Theory Labs, National Scholastic Athletics Foundation, and Bob Williams Pace Calculator

Monthly chapter meetings are held virtually or in-person and are open to women and nonbinary coaches only. Currently, there are chapters in Seattle, Portland, Bend, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Houston, and New England, with plans for expansion.

Upcoming events include:

Registration is now open for memberships.


The Women’s Running Coaches Collective (WRCC) is dedicated to empowering female and nonbinary runners of all levels to reach their full potential. We aim to equip all coaches with the proper tools to successfully navigate young runners in their athletic journeys. Visit our website at https://wrcoachescollective.org/ to register as a member. Follow us on Instagram @womensrunningcoachescollective

Contact: Morgan Schank, mschank@wrcoachescollective.org, 920-209-1701