World’s Sports Group expands marketplace & calendar offering to support races in the US & Canada

February 12, 2021

World's Sports Group is bringing its race discovery and promotion services to North America.

The Stockholm based World’s Sports Group which includes World’s Marathons & Ahotu Marathons (a global marketplace and calendar for running events) are expanding coverage in the US & Canada. The group has helped races across Europe, Asia and globally to grow and reach a wider range of runners. With the likes of the Lisbon Marathon, Dead Sea Marathon, The Great Wall of China Marathon, Istanbul Marathon, Polar Night Half Marathon and hundreds more from 5k to Ultra distance races all using the service to reach new runners.

Growth in the US & Canada:

Since inception, World’s Sports Group has had a significant audience in the US & Canada, typically these were runners looking to discover new races to participate in overseas. Since the onset of the pandemic, more and more US & Canadian runners are using World’s Marathons and Ahotu Marathons to discover and research races in different states and across North America.

“We are delighted to be able to help races in the US & Canada to reach new runners domestically. We are already working with some outstanding races including the Seattle Marathon, the Ogden Marathon, the Tucson Marathon, Maine Marathon, Run Ottawa, the Charlottesville marathon, Utah Valley and more and look forward to welcoming new races over the coming months.” says Peter Elmström, Head of Partnerships at World’s Marathons.

To discuss featuring your race and partnering with World’s Marathons or Ahotu Marathons, race directors can contact partners@worldsmarathons.com.