Women Set the Pace/100 Challenge

December 20, 2021

100 Activities. It’s challenging, fun and simple.

Toronto, Canada /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Keep moving. Keep fit. Keep having fun. And be ready to rock the 2022 race season when the warmer weather hits!

That’s the message that the Toronto Women’s Run Series wants to convey as it launches its newest and most unique challenge, the Women Set the Pace (WSP)/100.

The WSP/100 is a virtual event designed to encourage women to set their own pace and pursue the completion of 100 activities between January 1 and April 30,  2022. Women can choose any activity that appeals or links to their own personal fitness routine – running, walking, skating, cycling, swimming, hitting the gym or the yoga mat, for example – as long as they rack up 100 activities within the four month time frame.

“The purpose of the WSP/100 is to elevate both our spirits and our fitness levels. Pursuing the goal of completing 100 activities provides lots of flexibility while still being challenging for serious racers, newbies, or women who want to try something totally different this year. You can go solo or encourage your family, friends or training partners to join in,” says Cory Freedman, founder of the very popular and long-running Toronto Women’s Run Series.

Registration for the WSP/100 is open now and is capped at 1,000. It is expected to sell out quickly. Tracking for the activities begins January 1, 2022 and ends April 30, 2022.

Once registered, a WSP/100 participant will receive a Pace Kit delivered to their door, filled with awesome tracking tools and rewards including: a pair of custom WSP/100 endur performance socks, a training log book and pocket journal, souvenir WSP/100 keychain, $25 e-gift card from Asics, plus access to other goodies.

Results can be tracked online on the Race Roster site. https://raceroster.com/events/2022/55475/women-set-the-pace100 so participants to see their progress in relation to others. Or if someone prefers to go ‘old school’, the Pace Kit contains a specially designed WSP/100 Training Logbook to track frequency, intensity and any other progress markers that are relevant.

The event has partnered with TWRS’s long-term charitable partner, the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO), and are encouraging event participants to raise funds to support POGO’s important work.

“Staying active during the colder months and especially during all the restrictions with Covid-19 is hard mentally and physically, and so we just want to encourage our community to have some fun, support each other to keep moving, and stay focused. It’s a new year, so a great time to set a new goal and start pacing toward 100 activities,” says Freedman.


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About  Toronto Women’s Run Series

The Women Set the Pace/100 Challenge is presented by the Toronto Women’s Run Series, one of the most popular women’s race series in the country. The Toronto Women’s Run Series has been delivering top quality events for women runners across the country since 2009.

Our mission is to offer races that motivate and inspire women to come together and set the pace. For many women, our races are an opportunity to run in a supportive and friendly environment, and to meet other women runners. For competitive female runners, we offer the chance to break out of the chase group and experience the rush of being first across the finish line, instead of being the first woman across the finish line.

It is the collective power of our community that makes the Toronto Women’s Run Series so unique and memorable.

The race series takes place in one of Toronto’s most popular parks and runs through the park system in the heart of Toronto. We are Toronto based and committed to supporting other women owned and operated small businesses.

To learn more about the WSP/100 or arrange an interview please contact:
Cory Freedman
Toronto Women’s Run Series