Women-Owned Running Apparel Brand Launches Unique Campaign Profiling Individuals Sharing Dreams to Inspire Others

March 31, 2023

March 31, 2023 – (Santa Barbara, CA.) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Santa Barbara-based women-owned performance-running apparel company rabbit announced the launch of its Dream Chasers campaign and apparel line that highlights monthly stories about individuals who dream on their own terms. In honor of avid runners’ unique running practices paired with rabbits’ collective aspirations, the goal of the campaign is to inspire others through personal stories shared in the series.

The Dream Chaser Series is a collection of stories featuring amateur, professional and passionate runners sharing their dreams and the “Why” behind their pursuit. Stories shared will go beyond goals of completing the first 5K or breaking personal best times; the series will share deeper dreams ranging from building inclusion into a sport, to experiencing freedom and playfulness amidst hardships of daily life. Every individual profiled is different with each one to be celebrated with the goal to inspire others.

Individuals profiled in the Dream Chaser Series range from rabbit-affiliated athletes, including their RADrabbit and rabbitELITE team members, to ordinary runners in the community that inspire the brand. Dream Chaser rabbitELITE Shawanna White talks about chasing a dream for more black representation in a marathon. A physical education teacher in Columbia, SC, and the 8th fastest U.S. born Black woman in the marathon, Shawanna is as fast as she is passionate about increasing awareness for Black representation in the running community. This month she was recently invited by the Boston Athletics Association to run the Boston Marathon taking place on April 17.

“I want to show Black Americans that they can do distance running, to show how fun it is to see other people who look like you in a race,” said Shawanna White.

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Throughout the year, rabbit plans to feature even more dreams from members of the community, with featured answers from questionnaires asking “What is a Dream?”, influencers, and even Boston Marathon runners at their rabbitSHOP Pop-Up in Boston later in April.

As part of the Dream Chaser Series, rabbit designed and launched a special collection that speaks to the dream chasers and dream doers and creates a deep sense of empowerment and connection through the sport of running. The Dream Chaser collection features women and men’s running apparel designed for ultimate performance, these tanks, tees, and shorts offer front of the pack vibes for all paces.

When rabbit co-founders Jill Deering and Monica DeVreese started rabbit in 2016, they relentlessly pursued their dreams to build a brand with the highest quality running gear. Beyond that, they envisioned a community that celebrates one another’s goals and unique relationships to the sport. Inspired by runners of all levels, they ultimately built a community of dreamers.

“No matter how big or small, attainable or lofty your goal is, everyone is a Dream Chaser,” said Jill Deering. “Whether training for your first marathon or finding relief from your crazy family, everyone’s dream is powerful in its own right.”

In their own lives, Monica and Jill understand the power of aspirations. As women who have experienced a deep sense of empowerment and connection through the sport, they believe having a dream is incredibly personal: it gives a light to follow, be excited by, and feel fulfilled through. “We have different motivations, but the overarching connection is that we are all chasing something. Hearing other runners’ stories gets me fired up,” says Jill. “There is power in the collective. The power lies in simply having the dream.”

About rabbit + Founders

Inspired by the co-founders’ desire to create that one truly perfect pair of running shorts.

A rabbit is sleek, playful, hoppy and fun; the perfect inspiration for the company’s spirit and logo. In a race, the rabbit is the pacesetter, one who willingly sacrifices their performance for the dreams and goals of their competitors; an ethos that helps define the company.

rabbit makes performance running apparel for men and women; designed for those just taking their first step to the Olympic hopeful. The products are centered around the concept of giving the runner everything they need, nothing they don’t.

rabbit is founded by two female mother runners, who have a combined 30+ years of experience in the performance running industry. Monica DeVreese: two time Oklahoma state champion in the one mile, turned ultramarathoner, who regularly races the 100 mile distance, and mother of two, ages 13 and 11. Jill Deering: Div I cross country runner and attorney, with a 2:48 marathon PB, and mother of three, ages 4, 2 and 1. Monica and Jill began their business will the goal to create the perfect running shorts and the dream of creating a supportive and inclusive community of runners and dreamers.

Website: www.runinrabbit.com