Why Racing has a little fun with their athletes on April Fools Day

April 2, 2020

Naked Triathlon launched on April Fools by Why Racing

Why Racing Events had a little fun with their athletes on April Fools Day launching a new Naked Triathlon in Portland Oregon. Sherri McMillan, race director, explains “Our world is going through so much right now. Having a little chuckle is something we all need. We made our athletes laugh and smile and that’s the most important thing to us right now when we can’t race with them! Most athletes had a good laugh but we did have a few athletes that were disappointed that it was just a joke!”

The email that went out is below but if you’d like to review the full impact, read the release here with photos included.


Portland OR – Why Racing Events, the largest producer of multi-sport events in the Northwest, has announced a new event to the calendar which has many raising their eyebrows. Sherri McMillan, race director, explains “We are all experiencing such challenging times as a result of COVID-19 and we need something fun and exciting to look forward to. Portland has always been known for its risqué lifestyle and what’s more Portlandia than a Naked Triathlon!”

Yes, you heard it right. The NWPT Naked Triathlon is scheduled for Sunday July 12th starting at Rooster Rock State Park, already well-known as a nudist beach. Many may not know this but originally Lewis and Clark labeled the rock columns ‘Penis Rock’ but the name was later changed to Rooster Rock so as to not offend anyone. There seems to be no better place for athletes to race in the buff in true “Keep Portland Weird” fashion than Rooster Rock. Athletes will swim in the Columbia river, bike along Historic Gorge Highway and run on scenic trails – sans clothes!

“We are so excited to be partnering with Northwest Personal Training as the Title Sponsor for the event. It made total sense since they focus on muscle tone and conditioning and clearly if you’re going to be racing naked, you want to make sure you’ve got less bouncing and potential chafing” says McMillan. Northwest Personal Training is offering all athletes a FREE 12-week “Race Naked & Not Afraid” training program to assure everyone is ready to bare it all.

Wouldn’t that hurt?!

McMillan explains “It’s actually quite refreshing. Who doesn’t like skinny-dipping?! Portland already hosts the Naked Bike ride so this event is just adding the swim and run portion.”

Why Racing is taking extra precautions with the special nature of this event. McMillan explains “This event will be a 21 years and over event to assure we don’t traumatize the kids. Body Glide is also sponsoring multiple chafing stations along the course to help prevent burn spots and saddle soars. We are providing special straps for athletes to attach their bibs since safety pinning will no longer be an option. Last, we won’t be having our photographers take the traditional swim exit photos due to ‘shrinkage’ The water is cold at that time of year and we don’t want our athletes concerned about how things look as they exit the water!”

Is any gear allowed?

“Athletes will be allowed to wear goggles during the swim portion. Helmets will still be mandatory during the bike for safety. Shoes will be the only gear allowed for the running portion but are not mandatory. Anyone caught wearing any additional clothing items, will be ‘stripped’ of their title” explains McMillan.

“Athletes will also be disqualified if any complaints are made regarding wandering hands and strokes during the swim portion” warns McMillan.

The exceptional post-race party will be sponsored by Mt. Tabor Brewing, Fairwinds CBD and Franz Bakery and will highlight all things Portland including Beer, CBD and Donuts!

McMillan does caution “athletes will want to check with their local swimming pool to confirm whether naked swimming is allowed. Although it is important to practice swimming naked, we also don’t want our athletes getting arrested!”

Professional Triathletes Chris Bagg, Amy Vantassel and Matt LeGrand, who apparently love competing in the nude, will be racing the NWPT Naked Triathlon for the ultimate prize purse including special Golden Nuggets.

Registration opens on April 1st with a ‘FLASH’ sale for anyone who is ready to bare it all. If you fail to register on April 1st, you can still register but you’ll get a ‘BUM’ deal. McMillan notes “If athletes miss the special, they can comment on our Naked Triathlon Facebook page using #WANNARACEINTHEBUFF and we’ll send them a ‘private’ code to register at a discounted price. More information about Why Racing Events can be found on their website here.

McMillan encourages athletes to share this email with their racing buddies “because racing naked is more fun with friends!”

Next up on the schedule is the Virtual Spring Classic Duathlon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K on Sunday April 26th.The race is celebrating it’s 36th year and due to COVID-19 will be going virtual with pretty amazing, upgraded SWAG including a collector’s item Hoody and BLING! Read here for more details and to register for the Virtual Spring Classic

Stay healthy and strong!

Sherri McMillan and your Why Racing Crew

Note: We hope this announcement brings you some laughter and joy during some challenging times