WATCH: Runner wins half-marathon, but race officials did not believe him

January 13, 2024

Argentinian runner found himself in some finish line confusion at the 2024 Merida Half Marathon in Merida, Mexico. Juan Esteban Pizarro had the half-marathon all wrapped up in the final kilometres, but as Pizarro ran toward the finish line, he was ready to break the tape and pose for the win, but a confused race official mistook him for a 10K finisher (the 10K and half marathon races were being run simultaneously). The officials holding the tape hastily closed it, leaving Pizarro without his winning moment.

The officials quickly realized their mistake, but it was too late. They asked the Argentinian to make a U-turn and run back onto the course and through the gantry. Undeterred and probably fuelled by the confusion, Pizarro, having just run 21.1 kilometres, walked back onto the course for his second effort at the line. This time, he walked his way in to break the tape. Running Magazine