Vitus Bikes and Austin Aviators unite to prioritize diversity and community in US Pro Crit Racing

April 19, 2023

Williams Racing Development expansion continues, highlighting the human side of performance

April, 2023 – Park City, UT /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Vitus Bikes, the storied bicycling brand dedicated to the human side of performance, is proud to announce its partnership with the Austin Aviators cycling team. This diverse team of athletes, part of Williams Racing Development’s expansion, will compete in a series of US pro road and criterium racing events throughout the 2023 season.

“We’re stoked to be kicking off our partnership with the Austin Aviators. As a global bike brand we didn’t want to go down the traditional UCI Pro Tour route, yet we love the fast-paced action that comes with US pro crit racing. For us, it’s not about race wins or podiums, but rather the people that make up the team and the city they represent,” said Alex James, Global Marketing Manager at Vitus Bikes.

Vitus Bikes is thrilled to enter the world of American crit racing at this level with the Austin Aviators. While the brand sponsors privateers and a regional team, the Aviators are Vitus’ professional athletes and represent the best of the best in terms of cycling talent. As a brand, Vitus values community and inclusivity, and is proud to support a team that represents those values both on and off the bike. With the Aviators leading the charge, Vitus looks forward to continuing its investment in the American crit circuit and supporting up-and-coming athletes in the sport.

“At Vitus, we go racing but on our own terms–the human side of performance. It’s our role to uplift the up-and-comers,” continued Alex. “We’re elated to enter the world of American crit racing at this level, supporting a team that aligns with our values of diversity and inclusivity.”

The Austin Aviators cycling team, comprising of pro athletes from around the world, including Aubrey Drummond (USA – Bentonville, Arkansas), Cristhian Ravelo (Colombia – Oviedo, Florida), Conor White (Bermuda – Hamilton, Warwick), Connor Sallee (Ireland – Tulsa, Oklahoma), Eamon Franck (USA – Pacific Grove, California), Gregory Vanderpool (Barbados – Dallas, Texas), Nicole Mertz (USA – Austin, Texas), Melanie Jarrett (USA – Austin, Texas), Joyce Monton (Philippines – Tarzana, California), Michael Pincus (USA – Freehold, New Jersey), and Travis Longfellow (USA – Georgetown, Texas), are dedicated to pushing their limits and advancing their sport.

The Austin Aviators and Vitus Bikes are gearing up for an exciting season of racing in the US elite road and criterium circuit. The team’s schedule includes races across the country, such as the Redlands Classic in California, the Sea Otter Classic in California, and the Gateway Cup in Missouri. They’ll also be participating in the American Criterium Cup, with notable stops at Tulsa Tough in Oklahoma, the Boise Twilight Criterium in Idaho, and the Indy Crit in Indiana. The partnership will see Vitus Bikes providing the team with their latest high-performance bikes, including the award-winning Vitesse ZX-1 EVO race bike, which has already seen success on the European racing circuit.

Team Website: https://www.austinaviators.com/

Team Social: https://www.instagram.com/austin.aviators/

Team Camp Images: https://client.kitkarzen.com/-austinaviatorsepk2023/gallery

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