Virtual Races and the Tam Time Trial Land on Movemint

March 4, 2024

Movemint, the platform for endurance events, has opened segment-based competition in beta

SAN FRANCISCO [03/04/24] /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Movemint is proud to announce the beta launch of virtual events and the Tam Time Trial. Movemint’s virtual events are the segment-based challenge you’ve been waiting for.

With the launch of virtual events, Movemint makes it easier than ever for organizers to hold fun and engaging events. Virtual events feature all new leaderboards where participants can track best efforts and effort count. Reward the fastest finishers or whoever completes the segments the greatest number of times.

The Tam Time Trial is Movemint’s inaugural virtual race, running all March long. Run all four segments around Mt Tam as many times as you want throughout the month. Lowest cumulative time wins. There are also leaderboards and prizes for the person who completes all four segments first and the person who completes the segments the greatest number of times.

Virtual events take advantage of the same powerful and modern toolset that has made Movemint an emerging leader in endurance events. Movemint gets organizers more registrations and donations through optimized registration and payment flows, targeted communications tools, Strava course maps integrations, and much more.

For now, virtual events remain in beta to ensure the product experience remains high. If you’re interested in organizing your own virtual race, contact Movemint to request early access.