Vimazi Launches Inaugural NYC Running Shoe Symposium

October 18, 2023

Join Vimazi and their medical advisory board on November 1 for presentations on running injuries and the latest running shoe tech

Portland, Ore., (Oct. 18, 2023) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Vimazi, maker of the first-ever pace-tuned running shoes, is set to host The NYC Running Shoe Symposium. As athletic footwear and run science is changing faster than ever before, the Vimazi team is eager to host this event to make sure everyone is on pace.

This first-ever event is aimed at podiatrists, sports medicine professionals and athletic footwear experts. Curated sessions will discuss the latest in reducing impact stress while running, female running and running injuries, advanced shoe tech, and trends for running shoes and retail in 2024. The full schedule can be found here.

The Symposium will be led by Vimazi’s recently announced Medical Advisory Board. Their goal is to help Vimazi and the running community everywhere broaden and deepen the scientific understanding of impact strain and stability stress on the body while running, specifically with respect to running footwear and the innovation of pace-tuned shoes.

Speakers & Topics –

Scott Tucker, CEO and Founder, Vimazi – Will discuss Vimazi FastPod technology and conceptually why it’s better for runners.

Simon Bartold, Founder, Bartold Clinical B.S.c Physiology – will conduct a running shoe workshop during the symposium. Simon is founding partner of the highly acclaimed educational website Bartold Clinical.

Dr. Karen Langone, Sports Medicine Podiatrist DPM, Podiatric Medicine and Surgery – will talk about women and running. Karen has been in practice for more than 30 years. She has served on numerous marathon medical teams, including the NYC and Boston Marathons.

Kris Hartner, Owner, Naperville Running B.A. Biology, Exercise Science M.S. Biomechanics – will be featured in a Q & A around the topic of running retail in 2024. Kris founded Naperville Running in 2000 because he thought more expertise was needed at run retail.

Trevor Prior, Podiatric Surgeon B.S.c Podiatric Medicine Podiatry – will discuss how running shoes can influence lower limb function. He has been a practicing podiatrist for more than 40 years and is a senior clinical lecturer at Queen Mary University. He’s worked extensively with elite athletes from around the world.

“Vimazi is eager to host the podiatry, sports medicine and footwear community for a unique event where we can discuss necessary changes in the footwear and running industry,” says Tucker, Vimazi CEO. “Bringing together the members of our new Medical Advisory Board to share their work and knowledge will truly be an exciting experience. Having a room full of people passionate about keeping runners safe, happy and running miles after miles has been a goal for me and Vimazi since the conception of the brand.”

The 2023 NYC Running Shoe Symposium will take place on November 1, 2023 from 1-5pm at 151 W 30th St, 3rd Floor, New York, NY. This event is free. To attend, please enroll here.

More information can be found on vimazi.com. Follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Vimazi

Founded by footwear industry veterans and life-long marathoners, Vimazi pace-tuned running shoes are engineered to reduce shock and increase energy efficiency because they react to the forces you create at your pace. Their patented FastPod technology is backed by physics. For additional information, please visit vimazi.com or email faster@vimazi.com.