VELOGIC FIT Launches Velogic Studio 4

January 10, 2024

Experience the Future of Motion Capture with Velogic Studio 4

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Velogic Limited, a producer of bike fit systems based in New Zealand, released Velogic Studio 4 on January 10, 2024 at CES® in Las Vegas, Nevada. Velogic Studio 4’s new Time of Flight camera technology delivers accurate, automatic 3D motion capture and a workflow designed to optimize fitting time. Velogic Studio 4 is the future of integrated cycling analysis, offering better and faster fit experiences for you and your clients.

Synchronized dual sided 3D and video motion capture: Velogic Studio 4’s groundbreaking synchronized dual-sided 3D and video technology employs state-of-the-art time-of-flight Orbbec Femto Mega cameras.

Automatically generated fitting metrics: The innovative system automatically generates comprehensive metrics – including power, cadence, aerodynamics (coming Q2 2024), pedaling dynamics, and more – for both sides of the body. Industry-leading reporting capabilities ensure beautiful and comprehensive reports to minimize time in the back office, enabling you to spend more quality time with your clients.

Enhanced customer and fitter experience with 3D data overlay: Velogic Studio 4 doesn’t just deliver data; it enhances the customer and fitter experience. The 3D data is seamlessly overlaid on video, providing transparency and engagement in the decision-making process for new bike purchases and updating existing equipment to best fit the client. Elevate your understanding of athletic performance with Velogic Studio 4 – where innovation meets precision.

Bike documentation wand backed by an 18,000 bike database: It is one thing to fit a client to their current bike; it’s another matter altogether to match the client to a new bike. Velogic Studio 4’s bike documentation wand enables precise measurements of either a fit bike or the client’s current bike; these measurements can be entered into our extensive 18,000 bike database to efficiently find the perfect fitting solutions.

“Velogic Studio 4 represents the pinnacle of my three decades dedicated to athlete analysis,” says Velogic CEO Paraic McGlynn. “The seamless integration of synchronized video and cutting-edge 3D technology marks the Holy Grail in the realm of athlete analysis. By combining the nuances of human movement captured in video with 3D data, Ant+ data, aerodynamic metrics, and leveraging an extensive 18,000 bike database, Velogic Studio 4 empowers athletes, teams, coaches, and medical professionals with unparalleled insights and results. What continues to astonish me is the remarkable nature of this technology, even as the leader of the team that brought it to fruition.”

This groundbreaking cycling analysis solution is the result of bringing together the expertise and decades of experience of McGlynn and Velogic Limited’s Chief Technology Officer, Darren Bruning. At the start of 2023, Cyclologic, a global leader in cycling performance analysis, equipment, and education, took an equity stake in Velogic Limited, with McGlynn joining as Chief Executive Officer. The move combined Cyclologic’s Motion MetriQ cycling-specific video analysis programs with Velogic’s portfolio of products and increased the capability and scale of the merged organizations. They build on their positions as industry-leading providers of cycling performance analysis products and services, by offering hardware, software, education and training, product selection and sales and performance analysis solutions, benefitting trade clients and consumers.


  • Essentials: $1,200/yr* *year 2+, $3,000 first year
  • Pro: $1,800/yr* *year 2+, $4,500 first year.

Discover the future of motion capture at www.velogicfit.com.

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About Velogic:

Velogic Limited, based in New Zealand, is known for their science-based approach to cycling performance analysis and bike fit, and for having developed a top-level 3D-Motion capture system including proprietary hardware and software, and that is capable of integrating power, heart rate, contact point pressure, and aerodynamic data to provide a comprehensive fit capability for fitters, and a comprehensive fit for consumers.

About Cyclologic:

Cyclologic is a globally recognized provider of cycling performance analysis, bike fit solutions and related equipment and education for consumers and industry. Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Cyclologic relentlessly researches and develops solutions to increase the power, efficiency and comfort of cyclists, from enthusiasts to the world’s most accomplished athletes, across cycling disciplines.