Velocity Indoor Cycling App Acquires PerfPro and Adds Drew Hartman to Team

August 16, 2021

Velocity has Acquired PerfPro (Analyzer and Studio) Software and Added Creator Drew Hartman to Velocity Team

Highland Park, Illinois, August 16, 2021 – Vision Quest Velocity LLC, a performance-driven cycling app, has acquired PerfPro Software Suite and added Drew Hartman, founder of PerfPro and Hartware Technologies, to the Velocity team.

PerfoPro Software Suite, which includes PerfPro Studio and PerfPro Analyzer, is one of the most established and respected software solutions for indoor cycling. First launched in 2006, PerfPro has established itself as a global market leader with unrivaled data capture, robust analytics, and an engaging user (athlete and coach) experience. PerfPro has offered a reliable, high-quality training platform for use at home as well as in studios, and has a track record of providing flexible solutions for athletes, coaches, and facilities without equal in the industry. PerfPro software will remain available for sale at perfprostudio.com and users will continue to enjoy the same exceptional experience and product support they have come to expect for the foreseeable future.

Drew Hartman is the founder of the PerfPro Software. “My love of triathlon, cycling, running and other endurance sports combined with a need for deeper data analysis inspired me to create a best-in-class software solution for athletes. Their software should work as hard as they do.” said Drew. Over the past 15 years, he has succeeded at providing an industry leading product that kept up with massive leaps in hardware technology, growing consumer demand for deeper data analysis and ever-increasing compatibility with third-party software integrations. “Becoming part of Velocity was an incredible opportunity for me to fully realize the potential of a lot of my ambitions to bring the best software solution, bar none, to anyone who wants to improve cycling performance. Other companies have approached me about acquisition, but I haven’t felt any of them have had as strong a vision for the future of the space nor the right team and technology as Velocity does.” said Hartman.

Drew has joined Velocity as a Senior Software Engineer with responsibilities that will include software and hardware development for Velocity in addition to his continued oversight of the PerfPro brand. “Drew’s unparalleled understanding of the hardware-software relationship and cycling-centric data analysis is rocket fuel for the development and performance of Velocity.  Drew’s addition to the team has already been an incredible force multiplier for us,” said Velocity co-founder and former professional cyclist Robbie Ventura.

To learn more or apply to be a beta tester, please visit:  www.vqvelocity.com.

For inquiries or interviews, please contact John Nichols at jnichols@vqvelocity.com

Vision Quest Velocity LLC

Velocity is a performance driven cycling SAAS platform that delivers live, on-demand and small group workouts.  “Velocity will cater to avid cyclists and triathletes who want specific training on their own bikes with smart trainers” says co-founder Robbie Ventura.  Velocity combines expert instruction and skill development to deliver workouts that produce better cyclists.  The software has been designed to develop each athlete’s unique energy system while training and competing with friends and likeminded athletes. Velocity aims to help cyclists and triathletes to get to fast, faster.