V-Race Across America Starts Tuesday, June 16

June 12, 2020

12 Days Of Virtual Racing – 3 Distances

Boulder, CO (June 12, 2020) – For the first time in 39 years Race Across America (RAAM) will not be held, however, the virtual version will start on the regularly scheduled date of Tuesday, June 16. Racers from 30 countries will participate in one of three races – VRAAM (3000 miles), V-Race Across the West (925 miles) or the60 (1 hour per day for 12 days). The prescribed routes are in place via the FulGaz platform and all will begin, just as RAAM would, in Oceanside, California starting under the pier.

From 16 – 28 June 2020, the first VRAAM will be held, powered by FulGaz, an app that looks and feels as close to riding outdoors as possible.

People will be able to follow the race the following ways:

  1. Facebook Live every day at 10am MST on the Race Across America page, except the start day will be at 6:00am MST. The morning sessions will be hosted by Rick Boethling, RAAM Executive Director and George Thomas, RAAM Hall of Fame Racer and announcer.
  2. Live Social Media Broadcasts and Video Highlight Packages on Facebook and Instagram daily (@raceacrossamerica). 2-3 segments daily. The segments will include daily nutrition, mental miles with Prof. Simon, tech, behind the scenes, FulGaz revies and wrap-ups.
  3. Leaderboards for each race


VRAAM and VRAW categories will have a 12 day time limit to ride. This is a race with the distance requirements of RAAM, with the emphasis still being on endurance, but also on enjoyment. While the courses are not the exact ‘real life’ courses they are all designed to mimic the actual races.

 Follow VRAAM Mental Miles on social media:
Facebook:       https://www.facebook.com/RAAMraces/
Instagram:       https://www.instagram.com/raceacrossamerica/

Photos:                        available on request
Vimeo:           https://vimeo.com/showcase/6965022

Media Contacts: 

Sally Heginbotham
M: 0410 634 462

Peter Cunningham
E: cunningham_peterant@yahoo.com.au
M: 0401 999 929