USA Cycling Champions Inclusion of All Athletes in Anticipation of International Transgender Day of Visibility

March 29, 2021

Day of Visibility, USA Cycling wants to again affirm its support for inclusion of all people, including transgender athletes, in sport. The very nature of cycling is social and USA Cycling believes that the community is made richer when all who wish to participate are welcomed, embraced, and made to feel included, whether as racers, riders, enthusiasts, or fans.

“Exclusion is the antithesis of sport, and to exclude anyone undermines everything sport stands for,” said USA Cycling CEO, Rob DeMartini. “At USA Cycling, we champion accessibility, participation, and excellence in cycling. This applies to each and every rider, including transgender cyclists. We firmly support the rights of transgender individuals around the country and welcome them at every USA Cycling event. We have a long established policy around transgender athlete participation and it is in line with that of the IOC and the UCI.”

USA Cycling is working behind the scenes to mitigate any harm state bills banning transgenderathletes from competing might cause the USA Cycling community. Our goal will continue to be ensuring a safe and inclusive competition for ALL our racers, riders, enthusiasts and fans.

More information on USA Cycling’s Transgender Policy can be found here. USA Cycling’s SafeSport Program explicitly prohibits gender-related harassment. Learn more about the Program here.

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