United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy Launches First Ever Endurance Sports Nutrition Certification

March 1, 2022

Highlands Ranch, CO – March 1, 2022 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA) in partnership with renowned endurance sports dietitian, Bob Seebohar has developed the first ever endurance sports-specific nutrition certification. The certification opened for presale at a discounted rate on 3/1/22 with an official launch date of 4/4/22.

As a leader in endurance sports education, UESCA recognized that despite the importance of nutrition across all endurance sports, there was a large void in nutritional science knowledge and the accurate application this information, in respect to both athletes and coaches.

“There are several nutrition certifications currently on the market, but none that specifically address and focus on nutritional science and the application of this information to endurance sport athletes,” said Rick Prince, founder of UESCA. “This is why we partnered with Bob Seebohar. As a board-certified sports dietitian and one of the most sought-after endurance sports dietitians, Bob not only has a deep understanding of the science of sports nutrition, but how to apply it on sport-specific levels. Additionally, Bob understands how important scope of practice is in terms of working with athletes and coaches – specifically, what a non-dietitian can, and more importantly, what they cannot do.”

The UESCA Endurance Sports Nutrition Certification discusses the systems of the body that nutrition has a large influence over, to understanding specific nutritional nuances of each endurance sport discipline, this certification leaves no stone unturned and moreover it is very granular in detail! This certification is designed to ensure that coaches will understand the content so that they will be able to accurately educate and inform their athletes, thus providing tremendous value.

“I am so excited to partner with UESCA to deliver a first of its kind, comprehensive endurance sports nutrition certification for coaches,” said Bob Seebohar. “This course is a combination of science and proven, real-life strategies that provide in-depth information about different physiological systems along with proven nutrition and behavior modification strategies to use with endurance athletes of all sports and abilities.”

To learn more about UESCA and the Endurance Sports Nutrition Certification, please visit www.coachendurancesports.com.

About United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA)

UESCA is a leader in science-based endurance sports education and currently offers running, triathlon, cycling and ultrarunning coach certifications. All of the certifications are 100% online, including the testing and are comprised of robust learning modules. UESCA has certified coaches in over 55 countries and all 50 states.