UCAN Welcomes Running Superstar Sara Hall to Its Team of Elite Athletes

September 29, 2020

One of the fastest US marathoners of all time, Sara Hall, has officially joined Team UCAN. Hall ran 2:22 at the Berlin Marathon last year, holds the World Record for the half marathon on the treadmill in 1:09:03, and is a 3-time US 10 Mile Champion. Sara will be racing the London Marathon on October 4th.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the UCAN team,” says Hall. “UCAN is a product I’ve really believed in and one I’ve used to fuel all my fastest marathons. I love that it features a slow-burning carbohydrate but is also easy to digest, which makes it really unique. As a human biology major, and someone always looking to optimize my nutrition for performance, I really appreciate how this product works at a cellular level. I also love the company’s mission to support people in believing in themselves to reach their goals.”

UCAN was originally created with a different purpose from sports nutrition – to provide energy for a child with a rare condition that prohibits the body from producing its own blood sugar, resulting in frequent and dangerous episodes of hypoglycemia. Out of this need came SuperStarch®, a patented, slow-releasing carbohydrate that delivers steady, long-lasting energy with no spikes and no crash.

After conducting clinical trials on athletes, who also need to work to manage their glucose levels, UCAN launched nutrition products powered by SuperStarch® in 2012. Top athletes like 4x Olympian Meb Keflezighi and pro triathlete Tim O’Donnell fuel with UCAN and have achieved world-class performances using it in their training, racing and daily lives. For Hall, the properties of UCAN align with her philosophy on nutrition.

“I try to minimize sugar in my diet because it is so inflammatory, so I love that UCAN can provide fuel without sugar,” says Hall, who has four daughters from Ethiopia. “When I adopted my daughters, they had never brushed their teeth their entire lives, yet when we took them to the dentist for the first time, they had perfect teeth and no cavities simply because they hadn’t eaten sugar growing up. It really changed my view of our diet in the U.S. and how we are eating things that are corroding our bodies. I’m so thankful my whole family can benefit from a healthier option like UCAN.”

Hall turned 37 this year and she has produced her best times and performances over the past two years, cementing her reputation as one of the fiercest competitors in the sport.

“Sara is the embodiment of what UCAN looks for in an athlete to represent our brand,” says Shoba Murali, CEO of UCAN. “She is a health-conscious and high performing individual who wants to get the most out of herself both on the race course and in life. We’re proud to help Sara achieve those dreams.”

About Sara Hall:

Sara Hall is one of the top marathoners in the world, and one of the fastest US marathoners of all time. In just 4 years, Sara dropped 26 minutes from her marathon PR to run 2:22:16, the 6th fastest time run by an American woman. Sara is also the 2017 US Marathon Champion, 2018 Ottowa Marathon Champion, and has placed in the top 10 several times at major marathons. Sara is the world record holder for the treadmill half marathon with a time of 1:09:03, a 3-time US 10 Mile Champion, and the 20k National Champion in 2018. Hall is married to former running great Ryan Hall and mother to four sisters from Ethiopia.

About UCAN:  

UCAN delivers smarter energy powered by SuperStarch®, a patented, slow-releasing complex carbohydrate that delivers steady, long-lasting energy with no spikes and no crash. Originally created for a child with a rare metabolic disorder, UCAN Energy Powders and Energy Bars with SuperStarch® are the go-to nutrition for over 80 colleges, 40 pro teams, Olympic marathoners, elite triathletes, cyclists, thought leaders in health and performance, recreational athletes, and everyday people looking for steady energy without all the sugar. UCAN is a company built on purpose and passion. Learn more at ucan.co and get the latest buzz in the UCAN world @GenUCAN on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. UCAN nutrition products are currently available in powder and bar format, in a variety of flavors, at 350+ specialty run, bike and tri stores around the country, at all Lifetime gyms, and can be purchased online at ucan.co and on Amazon. #UCAN