Trust Performance Wins 2020 Design and Innovation Award

January 21, 2020

(Salt Lake City, UT ) – Trust Performance, innovators in suspension technology, is honored to be among the winners of the 2020 Design & Innovation Award. Announced today, this annual award is a benchmark and seal of approval for the most outstanding products within the cycling industry. Trust Performance has won the Equipment and Accessories (off-road) category for Shout, its enduro-oriented 178mm travel front suspension design launched in September 2019.

“To be among the winners of the 2020 Design & Innovation Award is an incredible achievement for our team at Trust Performance,” comments Hap Seliga, co-founder and CEO of Trust Performance. “When we introduced our first linkage suspension design in 2018, we certainly knew we’d stir things up. But to be recognized by the Design & Innovation Award team is an acknowledgment that the paradigm is shifting, further validating that riders around the world are truly seeing Trust’s benefits translate to a better experience on the trail.”

The Design & Innovation Award team employs a thorough and rigorous practical testing of products in real-world settings. A team of thirty international industry professionals, including journalists, product engineers, test riders and other top experts evaluate product submissions against ten criteria. These include the degree of innovation, design, workmanship, sustainability, quality, vision, efficiency, effectiveness, ethics, ergonomics and comfort.

Over a two-week period, the independent award team evaluates these entries, putting them through their paces before judging and recommending to riders. Describing the testing process, the Design & Innovation Award team states, “there’s no room for assumptions, unfounded product assessments or inflationary marketing add-ons. This only leads to confusion and disappointment for customers and the industry.”

In 2018, Trust Performance launched Message, a carbon fiber multi-link front suspension design offering trail riders 130mm of contour travel. In 2019, Trust Performance followed up with Shout, a similar system that offers 178mm of contour travel for aggressive trail and enduro riders. Unlike a traditional telescopic front suspension design, Trust Performance multi-link suspension incorporates a leverage ratio via a linkage assembly. In essence, this allows the front of the mountain bike to realize the benefits that kinematics that suspension bikes have enjoyed for years.

When encountering an obstacle, the front wheel does not move in line with the steering axis; instead, the linkage assembly allows the axle to move back and up simultaneously, creating contour travel enhances tire contact. And because mechanical trail measurements actually increase as the suspension moves through its travel, the rider experiences noticeably improved traction, added stability, and more predictable handling in a wide variety of trail conditions.

To learn more about Trust Performance and the award-winning Shout front suspension platform, visit www.trustperformance.com

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About Trust Performance

Trust Performance is a suspension design company founded by industry innovators Dave Weagle, Jason Schiers and Hap Seliga. Its operations, design and engineering staff are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah while manufacturing and assembly take place at its own production facility in Taichung, Taiwan. More information can be found at www.trustperformance.com.