TriggerPoint Rolls Out Fresh New GRID 1.0 Colors

May 18, 2021

CARLSBAD, Calif. (May 18, 2021) —  Today, TriggerPoint, the leader in recovery and massage products in the athletic and wellness markets, unveiled two new fresh colors in its iconic hollow core foam roller, the GRID 1.0. The GRID foam roller is specifically designed to optimize mobility, promote recovery and mitigate pain. The new GRID 1.0 colors are now available online and at select retailers.

Now available in Mint and Midnight, TriggerPoint’s original GRID 1.0 (MSRP $39.99) features a unique surface; a patented three-dimensional pattern which simulates a massage therapist’s hands by mirroring the pressure of the fingers, fingertips and the palm of the hand. This stimulates blood circulation and oxygen to muscles for enhanced recovery post- workout. The durable, sweat resistant EVA foam surface, which delivers firm compression on tight muscles and knots, can be used on most body parts, and is suitable for athletes of all levels. Due to its textured pattern, the GRID is also great for pre-workout mobility.  Now available in eight colorways, the GRID 1.0 measures 13 inches in length and 5.5 inches in diameter with a weight limit of 500 pounds.

For a free video library on foam rolling techniques and benefits from the experts at TriggerPoint, click here. For additional information about TriggerPoint’s full collection of foam rollers, please visit tptherapy.com.

About TriggerPoint

TriggerPoint™, a division of Implus, is a brand that empowers people to move better. The company’s mission is to provide innovative products and education that increase, enhance, and restore movement. TriggerPoint’s products and education are used by leading fitness and medical professionals, professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and trainers worldwide. For additional information, visit tptherapy.com.

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