TriBike Transport In Crisis, Future Uncertain

November 13, 2023

TriBike Transport is struggling to re-establish financial footing today, with some athletes’ bikes in transit facing an uncertain destiny, while IRONMAN stepped in to backstop the fate of athletes traveling to and from its events. Below is the immediate situation facing athletes who have recently used or intend to use TriBike Transport to get their bikes to races.

The two most important TriBike Transport (TBT) partners whose athletes are caught in logistical purgatory are IRONMAN and USA Triathlon. Facing the specter of bikes-in-transit stranded, and drivers idled, IRONMAN stepped in to backstop TBT and took over certain critical logistical tasks. Athletes whose bikes are on their way to IRONMAN Cozumel and Arizona should not be concerned that their bikes will not greet them at these events nor – says IRONMAN – will their bikes fail to make their ways back to the participating TBT bike shops from whence they were shipped. Slow Twitch