Tread Labs High Performance Insole: Re-engineered and Back in Stock

April 29, 2021

WOBURN, Mass. — Dash, Tread Labs’ high-performance insole with 100% carbon fiber arch supports are back. After working with elite cyclists and other competitive athletes, Tread Labs has re-engineered the insoles to be firmer, stronger, and more supportive. The 1.25mm thin carbon fiber arch support makes Dash the thinnest and lightest insole in the Tread Labs line. Ideally suited for those who punish their feet, Dash insoles come with a ‘Million Mile Guarantee’ which warrantees all Tread Labs arch supports. Forever.

“Dash insoles are for elite athletes. They are ultra-firm, delivering a level of support that has not been available except in custom orthotics,” said Tread Labs founder, Mark Paigen. “For those who push the limits of their sport, Dash insoles can deliver tremendous stability, performance and injury prevention. The strength, light weight and firmness of carbon fiber is a quantum leap beyond plastic but is not for the uninitiated. We recommend Dash for cyclists, skiers and competitive athletes who have experience with arch supports and know how arch support can enhance biomechanics. We are here to help those athletes find the right size and arch height to give them the competitive advantage they crave.”

Like all insoles from Tread Labs, Dash features Tread Labs’ signature two-part system, an arch support with a lifetime guarantee and a replaceable foam top cover. Three top cover styles are available, creating a perfect fit in any shoe type.

For more information visit treadlabs.com or contact Danny Kuzio at dk@pressforwardpr.com.

About Tread Labs

Tread Labs was founded in 2015 by Mark Paigen, who previously founded (and later sold) Chaco sandals. Tread Labs was created to improve people’s lives by giving feet the support they desperately need. Tread Labs unique 2-part insole system is designed for the long haul. The molded arch supports are guaranteed forever. Top covers are easily replaced to make insoles like new again, without having to buy a whole new pair. Better for the wallet, better for the planet.