Tracksmith Launches Fellowship to Support New Voices in Running

July 23, 2020

Grant provides funds and mentorship for creatives to pursue a project that will elevate the sport

BOSTON (July 23, 2020) – Tracksmith, an independent running brand, today announces the launch of the Tracksmith Fellowship, a grant program to support emerging voices in the sport. Creatives across all disciplines are invited to apply for the fellowship, which will provide funding and mentorship for projects grounded in the runner’s experience, with the aim of inspiring and igniting action within the larger running community.

The Tracksmith Fellowship is designed to support runners with creative ambitions. This year the brand will fund up to five projects. Whether film or photography, poetry or fiction, podcasts, music, painting or sculpture, runners are invited to submit concepts for a grant at tracksmith.com/pages/tracksmith-fellowship-program. Fellowship submissions will be reviewed by the Tracksmith team and selected based on their originality and potential to elevate the sport, drive conversation and empower new perspectives. Tracksmith fellows will receive a one-time grant as well as mentoring and support from Tracksmith and selected creative mentors. On completion of the project, fellows will collaborate with the brand to present their work to the wider running world.

“Running thrives oncreativity and storytelling,” said Tracksmith founder, Matt Taylor. “But it’s hard for new voices to break through and that hinders the sport’s growthand ability to reach new audiences. We’ve long wanted to drive progress in running by supportingemerging creative talent, and now more than ever, it’s clear that elevating diverse voices has to be a priority.  There are so many different perspectives to shareand stories waiting to be told.”

Fellowship submissions are invited from July 24 through September 1 and recipients will be announced in October 2020.

For more information about the Tracksmith Fellowship, please visit tracksmith.com/pages/tracksmith-fellowship-program.

Please direct Tracksmith media inquiries to PR Director Massimo Alpian at massimo@outsidepr.com.


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