Top Triathlete Dr Hannah Wells Embraces Wearable Recovery with Myovolt

May 8, 2020

Since turning professional last year, Hannah Wells has taken the world of triathlon by storm, with four IRONMAN 70.3 wins to her name, as well as a stunning win in the ASB Auckland marathon.

With the 2020 competitive season curtailed by the COVID-19 lockdown, and much of her training moving indoors, the Bay of Plenty star has been looking for new ways to find an edge. That edge has come in the shape of Myovolt’s wearable recovery technology.

“Every week, every day, I’m looking to set new training goals, find new ways to build strength and speed, and better ways to recover”, says Hannah. “Since I discovered Myovolt, it’s become an important part of my daily routine. I’ve found myself using it multiple times a day”.

Myovolt is the result of many years of research and development by experts with a track record of designing performance-enhancing technology for elite and Olympic athletes. Myovolt has been proven to dramatically reduce muscle soreness, and is fast becoming an essential recovery tool for elite endurance athletes around the world.

With a PhD in biotech engineering, Hannah was also attracted to the science behind Myovolt. By harnessing the power of localized vibration therapy, Myovolt has been clinically proven to provide up to 3x faster muscle recovery after sport or physical activity.

“One thing I love about Myovolt is how the technology has been validated through clinical research. There’s a lot of evidence out there that shows how and why it works. My only regret is not discovering it sooner!”

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, Myovolt gives you the power to be your own physio – anytime, anywhere. By promoting circulation and stimulating blood flow, Myovolt has been proven to dramatically reduce muscle stiffness by up to 70% in just 10 minutes.

The partnership with Hannah Wells is the latest in a string of recent endorsements for Myovolt by endurance coaches, physios and athletes, including world-class triathlete Mike Phillips.

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