Together, XTERRA Community brings Connect Series to Life

May 15, 2020

A global digital platform devoted to keeping the community connected, engaged and active

Minneapolis, MN (May 15, 2020) – XTERRA Global has joined forces with its own community – “The Tribe” – to create XTERRA Connect.

The initiative delivers daily content to XTERRA’s social media and digital platforms that inspires community support and perpetuates the “Live More” spirit the brand has fostered throughout its 25-year history.

The thematic platform includes LIVE workouts and Q&A with XTERRA’s elite athletes and certified coaches, timely health and wellness insights, an XTERRA Yoga Series, community spotlights, training tips and sessions for athletes and non-athletes of all ages and skill levels, its own XTERRA Podcast, and an emerging youth series. In addition, digital and virtual programs for XTERRA University and a race series are in development now.

“The authentic conversations we’re having with our community through XTERRA Connect has really been a silver lining for me personally in these crazy COVID times, and it’s also a great tool for our brand both right now and well into the future,” said XTERRA President, Janet Clark.

Clark added that connecting the XTERRA community beyond physical events is an important element for the brand and opens up a new way of providing engaging content for athletes and the larger global community.

“As we entered into 2020, our focus was on brand management and a heightened attention to quality,” said Clark. “Our original goals were to provide great athlete and family experiences and build a path for more outdoor adventurists to get immersed in the XTERRA lifestyle. When COVID hit we didn’t change those goals or our focus, in fact, I think our resolve as a company and a community grew even stronger by staying together.”

Since its debut on March 20, 2020, XTERRA Connect has featured 16 different hosts from around the globe boasting decades of collective experience in the XTERRA and broader endurance sports arena.

The daily connection is a natural fit for XTERRA, the world’s leading and original off-road triathlon turned lifestyle brand well known for its culture of inclusion, community, and friendliness.

XTERRA Connect hosts include the Tribe’s most beloved characters, from American endurance sports legend Josiah Middaugh to Scottish sensation Lesley Paterson, a five-time world champion triathlete, motivational speaker, book author, and XTERRA Podcast host. XTERRA Hall of Famer Nico Lebrun is contributing from Digne, France while three-time U.S. women’s champion Suzie Snyder holds court from her home in Reno, Nevada.

All of the contributors are experts from within the XTERRA community – real people sharing their professional best to help others stay motivated and healthy. Notable among them is Lesley’s husband, Dr. Simon Marshall, a renowned sports psychologist who has been sharing COVID coping strategies and personal stories of human triumph.

Other hosts include certified yoga instructors like Maria Maganari from Greece who teaches the Tribe about mindfulness, professional nutritionists such as Alexandra Lebrun who share simple stay-at-home recipes to keep us healthy, and personal trainers that demonstrate, educate, and encourage viewers to stay active.

“Each presenter brings their own unique strengths and insights to the program and collectively they’ve delivered a dynamic platform delivering a wealth of high-quality information and even more importantly, that human connection we’re all craving right now,” said Clark.

Join the XTERRA Tribe today at www.xterraplanet.com.


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