Today’s Plan Announces Closure

December 13, 2023

Training & coaching platform Today’s Plan has announced they’ll be closing early next year. The Australian-based company has long been the chief competitor to TrainingPeaks, especially for coaches and high-performance teams. Numerous Tour de France teams have used the platform over the years (including currently), as well as many other high-profile athletes. In addition, Stages Cycling uses its backend platform as the basis for its Stages training log platform.

The company was well known for moving quickly from a technology standpoint, often far faster than TrainingPeaks in terms of implementing new technology or supporting new sensor types, new data types, etc. And, of course, most notable of all is that the platform was acquired by Specialized back in 2019, just over four years ago. I’ll dive into that more later in this post, but for now let’s look at the actual announcement. DC Rainmaker