Timing German triathletes with MYLAPS ProChip technology

December 20, 2023

HAARLEM / OBERGERLAFINGEN (20 December, 2023) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Discover the successful first year of the partnership between Datasport Germany and the Deutsche Triathlon Union (DTU), and how the utilization of MYLAPS ProChip technology contributed to a successful season.

The partnership between Datasport Germany GmbH and the Deutsche Triathlon Union (DTU) was formed earlier this year. The long-term partnership not only brings planning security for all parties involved, but is also intended to maintain and increase the level and quality of the 1.Bitburger 0.0% Triathlon-Bundesliga as well as the TriathlonD-events. These events include the hep Triathlon Heilbronn powered by Audi, Sixtus Alpentriathlon Schliersee, Mey Generalbau Triathlon Tübingen, and DATAGROUP Triathlon Nuremberg. In addition, by joining forces, both sides want to develop new ideas together and introduce innovative technical implementations. With the help of MYLAPS ProChip technology, the organizations have successfully achieved their goal of making the timekeeping of these events a seamless process.

“With this partnership, together with the DTU, we can highlight Event Timing even more and underline its importance. I would like to thank you for this and for your trust in our work. We look forward to successful years,” says Björn Steinmetz, Managing Director of Datasport Germany GmbH.

“We want to continually improve the 1st Bitburger 0.0% Triathlon Bundesliga as well as the TriathlonD events. Thanks to the collaboration with Datasport Germany GmbH, we are now taking the next step ,” adds Rüdiger Sauer, Head of Event Management at DTU.

Utilizing MYLAPS ProChip Technology

A key element in the successful partnership between Datasport Germany and the Deutsche Triathlon Union is the implementation of MYLAPS ProChip technology. This state-of-the-art timing system sets the industry standard for high-speed sports, with an impressive accuracy of up to 0.003 seconds. At the core of this innovative system is the ProChip Smart Decoder, the smallest and lightest timing decoder in the industry.

Timekeeping triathlons can be a huge challenge. With multiple disciplines and split points that all have to give accurate results, you need to be able to rely on your equipment. For events in which professional athletes participate, the ProChip system is highly recommended because of its high accuracy and ability to handle high speeds. The chips are waterproof and are worn by the athletes on a comfortable ankle strap. The strap with the chip attached can be worn underneath any wetsuit.

With the support of the ProChip system, Datasport Germany and the Deutsche Triathlon Union can accurately determine even the tightest finishes, without any concerns about equipment failures. The timing system operates seamlessly with battery-powered timing chips, a decoder, detection loop, and advanced timing software. The ProChip technology revolutionizes the timeline setup, making it easier and faster than ever before.

Partnership between MYLAPS and Datasport

In 2021, MYLAPS and Datasport began a long-term partnership to offer best-in-class digital sports experiences to event organizers and their participants and fans.

Thomas Bachofner, CEO of Datasport AG: ‘Datasport has a long history of providing highest quality services to its event organizers. Accurate and reliable timing data are a crucial element of the race experience where we are not willing to make any compromises for our organizers and their participants and followers. The Covid-19 pandemic turned out to be an ideal moment to initiate a smooth transition to MYLAPS technology, guaranteeing highest quality equipment and support for the coming years.’

About Datasport Germany GmbH

Datasport Germany GmbH is the leading company for timekeeping at sporting events in Germany and has been offering extensive services relating to sporting events since 1998. Year after year, well over 200 events in Germany in all areas of endurance sports are timed by Datasport Germany GmbH.


At MYLAPS we support racers, athletes, and events in creating their ultimate sports experience. Every year we capture the performance of over 20 million people all over the world. We develop accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use technology to turn data into insights, progress, and fun. Founded in 1982, we have revolutionized the world of sports timing with groundbreaking innovations and set the standard ever since. Our products and platforms are used at professional events like the Olympics and INDYCAR to countless local events around the corner.

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