THRU Launches a New Bike Shipping Service

November 16, 2020

Your Bike. There.

With bicycle sales booming, a new shipping service promises retailers, manufacturers, private sellers and cyclists a worry-free way to get bikes to customers and ride destinations. THRU – from the TriBike Transport™ team – offers fast, reliable, safe and cost-effective shipping, backed by solid bike transport experience, rave customer reviews and the peace of mind of FedEx shipping.

“THRU is a natural extension of our business. We have a long heritage of transporting bikes through TriBike Transport – plus, we’re all cyclists,” said Marc Lauzon, Founder, and President of THRU. “We listened to the cycling community and heard loud and clear their concerns about damage, steep pricing and lacking customer service associated with transporting their treasured bikes and felt that we have the expertise from years of experience to address their needs.”

Initially, THRU will offer a pack-and-ship service for customers in North America. All customers need to do is pack the bike, print a shipping label and the rest is left in THRU’s capable hands. THRU will arrange pickup and ensure the bike is delivered safely to the customer or ride destination.

“Our mission is to help make the outdoors more personal for everyone and provide the most reliable and comprehensive shipping solutions in the world with true and honest prices,” said Lauzon. “Whether in the cycling business, racing an event or planning a leisurely ride on vacation, THRU will offer a bike transport option tailored to your needs.”

Ship a Bike, Plant a Tree.

Like most cyclists, THRU is highly conscious of the impact we are all having on the environment – and that includes shipping bikes. THRU takes its responsibility in preserving the planet and protecting the outdoors and cyclists’ adventures for years to come very seriously, which is why it has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every bike shipped. “When you ship a bike with us you will become a tree parent,” said Lauzon. “As your tree matures, it will have the potential to more than offset the carbon footprint of shipping your bike, not to mention, you’ll be helping to preserve the forests that so many of us enjoy on our rides.”

Stay tuned for even more services to be offered by THRU!

About THRU

THRU’s disruptive approach to bike transport logistics is revolutionizing how the industry and individual cyclists ship their bikes, thereby dramatically improving efficiency and sustainability from current methods. It services cyclists as well as business-to-business and after-market, offering solutions to ship bikes and equipment safely and reliably to retailers and buyers using FedEx as its trusted pack-and-ship provider. THRU has a long heritage of transporting bikes for athletes through its sister company, TriBike Transport. Its team has been in the business since 2004 and is backed by rave customer reviews. For more information and to learn how to ship bikes safely and hassle-free, visit www.thrusport.com.

About TriBike Transport

TriBike Transport has serviced over 130,000 satisfied athletes since its start in 2004. This unique company was founded with one goal in mind: To ease the logistical challenges and exorbitant costs of transporting bikes to and from events via airlines or ground freight. TBT provides HASSLE-FREE, ECONOMICAL, UNPARALLELED bike transport service to and from destination cycling events so all you have to do is worry about the finish line. For more information, visit www.TriBikeTransport.com.