The XTERRA Podcast, Ep6 with Paula Reid Available Now

September 9, 2020

Paula Reid is an advocate for knowingly going into the unknown, a master of adventure psychology, and a relentless adventurer who has completed more than 100 things on her ‘Living Life to the Full’ list.

Honolulu, HI (September 9, 2020) – She has cycled through 50 countries and done a good deed in each, skied to the south pole, sailed around the world, and streaked through towns. Paula Reid is an advocate for knowingly going into the unknown, a master of adventure psychology, and a relentless adventurer who has completed more than 100 things on her ‘Living Life to the Full’ list.

In this episode of the XTERRA Podcast powered by Braveheart Coaching, our hosts Dr. Simon Marshall and his XTERRA World Champion wife, Lesley Paterson, share their most delightful and inspiring talk with Paula Reid, their “personal adventure coach.”

“She’s got a message for all of us that is so inspiring right now, especially during these ridiculous coronavirus times we’re living in,” exclaimed Paterson. “She’s talking about creating your own bucket list and it’s like, we’re all on this train of life so busy trying to juggle kids, work, training, this and that, and we don’t even feel like we can stop to think about putting together a list like that.”

In this podcast we learn that we DO have time to make the list, that now is that time, and how the benefits of chasing adventure are immeasurable.

“It’ll give you confidence for life,” says Reid.  “On a real adventure you are free to cry and bleed, be silly, and get dirty.  In those moments you’re not bound by the expectations and the speed and pace at which we normally live.”

Reid also extolls the virtues of “Type 2 Fun” and explains the elation you can get from experiences that you don’t particularly enjoy while you’re doing it, but afterwards are quite thrilled with.

The show will have you grabbing for pencil and paper, dreaming big, and calling good friends to make plans.

“What Paula does best is help us as adults understand that it’s okay to play, and not just okay, but incredibly important for our mental health,” said Dr. Marshall.

For your own good… listen to the podcast, write the list, and take the challenge at the end. #LiveMore

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About the Guest

Paula Reid is a trainer, facilitator, coach, speaker, author, and adventurer. Often described as a female “Bear Grylls” she has over 20 years’ experience in empowering and inspiring others to do daring stuff in the outdoors. With a master’s degree in positive psychology and coaching, she’s the author of the recent research paper: “Exploring the psychology of extended-period expeditionary adventurers: Going knowingly into the unknown.” And Paula doesn’t just study it and talk about it, she does it herself… Paula has completed 118 things on her ‘Living Life to the Full’ list including sailing around the world and skiing to the South Pole. Paula has written four books and speaks internationally at conferences, schools and for charities about the psychology of relentless adventuring – what it is and why it’s important to our physical and mental health.

About the Hosts

Lesley Paterson is a five-time world champion triathlete, professional mountain biker, coach, motivational speaker, reluctant fitness model, and foul-mouthed Scotts lassie. Growing up in Scotland, Lesley was the only girl who played rugby on an all-boys team. When boobs appeared she was banned from playing with the boys, so she started competing in running and triathlon. Lesley went on to become a national champion in cross country and an international triathlete.

Dr. Simon Marshall grew up in Africa and the UK.  He spent his childhood playing rugby, soccer and tennis before finding competitive cycling.  He started training and racing at age 12 and hasn’t stopped.  Simon has a bachelor’s degree in Sports Science, a master’s degree in Kinesiology, and a PhD in Sport and Exercise psychology.  He is a former Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology at San Diego State University and Professor of Behavioral Medicine at the University of California, San Diego.

Simon and Lesley own Braveheart Coaching – a San Diego based company that trains endurance athletes to be faster and happier.  Together they wrote the best-selling book, The Brave Athlete – Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion (VeloPress, 2017).

About the Podcast

Hosted by five-time off-road triathlon world champion Lesley Paterson and her husband Dr. Simon Marshall, the new XTERRA Podcast explores the stories and science behind the quest to Live More.  The XTERRA Podcast will feature guests who live, work, and play off the beaten path, share first-person accounts of epic outdoor adventures, and provide valuable tips from industry leaders in the physical and mental health industries.

Find the XTERRA Podcast on major platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, and iHeartRadio. You can always look here as well to use our embedded player to listen to every episode.

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