The Women’s 2023 Hawaii Ironman World Championship Bike Count

October 14, 2023

Unlike back in September when Canyon took a surprising and commanding victory in the Ironman World Championship bike count, longtime bike count champion Cervelo is back to its old tricks at the top of the heap. In Nice, Cervelo was roughly 4% behind Canyon, but in Kona we see Canyon sent far back to fourth place—a whopping 13% behind Cervelo.

Other big notable movers from Nice to Kona include Quintana Roo moving up from a total 3% of bikes in 10th place in Nice to 11% in third place (also a big leap forward from 2022 in Kona, coming up from sixth place and 5% of total bikes). Interestingly Specialized and BMC lost quite a bit of ground in Kona this year, both dropping roughly 3%. Triathlete