The Breakaway Brings AI-Driven Training to Another Top Cycling Event with Coach

October 12, 2023

Cyclists participating in the 40th annual El Tour de Tucson are set to experience the benefits of Coach

(Truckee, CA) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Founded by two ex-Strava leaders and Olympian Christian Vande Velde, The Breakaway is proud to introduce Coach, an innovative AI-driven cycling companion that guides riders on which sessions to prioritize for daily, consistent progress. This November, the over 7,500 riders partaking in the 40th edition of El Tour de Tucson will be able to benefit from Coach’s expertise as they prepare for the one of the biggest events in the US. As they train, Coach will over time gather insights about the event, giving participants timely feedback and answers. The Breakaway is gearing up to reveal additional indoor and outdoor event partnerships in the coming months. Cyclists can join The Breakaway community via the Apple App Store at a yearly fee of $69.99.

Designed and integrated as a complement to The Breakaway app, Coach is perfect for those striving for progress but who don’t wish or find it challenging to adhere to strict training plans. By processing health and performance metrics from diverse sources like power meters, Garmin, Wahoo head units, Oura, Strava, Zwift, and many others, The Breakaway gains a comprehensive understanding of each rider’s capabilities. With these individualized insights, Coach can suggest the most fitting workout based on the cyclist’s goals. Should riders be uncertain, they can effortlessly inquire, ‘What should I do today?’.

Further integrations, including platforms like Whoop and Apple Health, will soon be added. These integrations will incorporate metrics like HRV, sleep scores, respiratory rates, etc., to form a holistic view of the athlete both on and off their bikes.

“Our journey with The Breakaway began in 2020, recognizing that numerous cyclists aimed for improvement but shied away from inflexible plans and too much structure and data,” expressed The Breakaway CEO & co-founder Jordan Kobert. “In the past three years, our collaborative approach with riders has helped us productize the secret to continuous growth. We’re bringing world class coaching and sports science to the masses. In doing so, we’ve observed an impressive 15% uptick in output per ride within the initial 90 days of joining for the average member of The Breakaway. The rapid evolution of AI means Coach is poised to progress at an unprecedented pace.”

El Tour Executive Director, TJ Juskiewicz added, “We’ve seen many training plans and apps but we’ve always looked for something that would truly work for the majority of our participants, not just the elite cyclists. With The Breakaway, we’ve finally found that solution and I’m excited for our riders to take advantage of this to increase their chances of having the best day possible at El Tour.”

Thanks to Coach’s adaptive learning, The Breakaway is on the brink of rolling out more events, both in the real and digital realms. This encompasses Zwift events which are gaining momentum, especially as cooler weather beckons in the Northern Hemisphere. With its promptness and user-friendly design, The Breakaway’s community can seamlessly toggle between events, always equipped with an actionable strategy, irrespective of life’s daily challenges.


About The Breakaway

The Breakaway is a personal performance coach for cyclists, democratizing world class coaching and insight to enable everyone to be the best version of themselves. We’re on a mission to unlock the thrill, joy and pursuit of peak performance for everyone who seeks it. The Breakaway connects to the popular platforms cyclists use and aggregates the data to deliver personalized daily guidance that answers the question of ‘What should I do today?’. Currently available on iPhone, Android and web are planned to roll out early next year.

Our vision is a pathway to peak performance making highly personalized (simplified, automated, precise, actionable) real-time data, insights, guidance, and motivation accessible to every passionate athlete in the world—at the click of a button. Founded in 2020 by industry veterans Jordan Kobert, Kyle Yugawa, and Christian Vande Velde, The Breakaway is backed by some of the world’s best investors including YCombinator, General Catalyst and Norwest Venture Partners.

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