The Abbott World Marathon Majors Global Run Club members embrace a year of extraordinary running

December 21, 2020
  • Runners from 109 nations track 4.3million miles in first three months
  • 63% of member’s running behaviors impacted by COVID
  • 72% of members ready to run with others again when events return

The Abbott World Marathon Majors (AbbottWMM) Global Run Club launched in August 2020 and within the first three months it has become a global hub for runners of all ages and abilities, with an appetite for challenges and a community to motivate them.

Members on the move:

The club kicked-off with 16 challenges over the autumn period ranging from 2.62miles to the full marathon distance. The 11,450 members* from 109 nations generated 43,000 challenge entries, and collectively covered a massive 4.3 million miles. Complementing the virtual editions of the Abbott World Marathon Majors this year, the most popular challenges included the Boston and New York City 26.2 Challenges, while the highest mileage day for the club so far was on October 04, when many were completing their virtual Virgin Money London Marathon.**

Reasons to run:

The core of our highly engaged group (57%) consider themselves as ‘fitness runners’ while 27% are competitive. Two-thirds of the club run between 4-6 times a week while 8.5% get out and run every day. As you’d expect, many members have marathon running in their current or future plans. 87% have run at least one marathon, 36% have run 10 or more, and 4% of club runners have yet to complete 26.2 miles but they plan to in the future.

The main reasons to lace up and log the miles are to stay fit (91%), along with having a way to test yourself (76.5%), a way to relax (67.6%) and getting into the outdoors (61.3%). Other than running, favorites activities include hiking, cycling and going to the gym.

Impact of COVID-19:

As we close out an unusual year in the world of road racing, more than 62% of club members have altered their running behaviors due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a lack of in-person races and travel, two-thirds have entered their first virtual races through the Global Run Club. 41% have run less than they normally would, 36% have enjoyed mixing up their training habits and 20% have spent more time on rest and recovery than they normally would.

Running into better times:

When in-person events start to return around the world, 71% of club members are ready to sign-up and participate, a small number (3.42%) are planning to wait until 2022 before racing, and 1.2% are not planning to race in-person again. Those that are eager for actual events are most looking forward to running alongside others, crossing a physical finish line, testing their fitness level in a race and getting a race medal.

Club running in 2021:

A range of fun and free challenges and races will be available for club members throughout 2021. The club aims to provide motivation for all level of runners, and also offer activities that can support a marathon training plan or complement in-person events as they start to return.

Check out the full list of January and February Global Run Club events HERE.

Looking ahead to the Spring, at a time which would normally be a very busy time for in-person racing, we will host the Abbott World Marathon Majors Global Marathon. As part of this global virtual event, there will be an added incentive for top age group runners (aged 40+) with a number of places on offer to the 2022 AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championships. Event date and registration details will be shared in the coming weeks. Interested runners can be the first to hear all the news by registering HERE.

* – statistics are from feedback and members as of November 17, 2020.

** – please refer to the info graphics provided for further details.

To view the info graphics please go to: https://www.worldmarathonmajors.com/news-media/latest-news/a-year-of-extraordinary-running/