Teens Might Be Getting Tired of Nike Too: New Balance and Hoka Are Stealing Their Attention

April 9, 2024

According to the 6,020 U.S. teens who responded to Piper Sandler’s 47th semi-annual survey this spring, Nike was the top choice among teens’ favorite footwear and apparel brands. Nike also earned the top spots for footwear and apparel preferences in Piper Sandler’s prior three surveys, which also ranked teens’ favorite brands and websites.

However, despite its top spot, Nike’s lost share in every category in the survey for the first time in several years. Nike’s mindshare — or a measure for consumer awareness — decreased 190 basis points year-over-year and 230 basis points from Piper Sandler’s fall survey. Meanwhile, New Balance gained mindshare. And in the athletic footwear category, On Running and Hoka gained mindshare among upper-income teens whereas Nike ceded mindshare in that category among the same group. FN