Tech Startup Sets Sights on Innovative Diabetes Solution with New Fundraising Campaign

January 17, 2024

Supersapiens is a tech company that launched the world’s first glucose management system designed for athletes and is now expanding into the US market and the diabetes space

ATLANTA, GA 17 January 2024/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Supersapiens, a tech company that launched the world’s first glucose management system designed for athletes and is now expanding into the diabetes space, is excited to announce its crowdfunding campaign. Built on the foundation of sport and activity, Supersapiens aims to inspire and engage consumers with diabetes on their metabolic health journey through a new diabetes-specific app. The campaign, which launched in December, seeks to raise pre-A round funds that will boost scientific research, refine product offerings, open new markets, and enhance customer service.

Supersapiens’ innovative ecosystem seamlessly integrates with Apple Health, Apple Watch, Oura, and others and delivers cutting-edge data insights that empower positive behavior change. These tools are keys to unlocking improved metabolic health for people with diabetes.

“The launch of Supersapiens in the US is not just a business expansion; it’s a commitment to empower the diabetes community with the same level of precision and insight that has benefited athletes. As someone who has lived with diabetes since I was 7 months old, I understand the challenges faced by those with diabetes and am proud to bring this award-winning app to the US market,” CEO and Founder Phil Southerland expressed. “At Supersapiens, we have redefined glucose monitoring, transcending its application in sports to create a vital tool for diabetes management. Our technology is trusted by Olympians and professional athletes across multiple disciplines, and we’re now bringing this expertise to support those living with diabetes.”

Over the past four years, Supersapiens has evolved from a sports performance tool into a diabetes management platform, demonstrating its efficacy and impact. Building off its learnings within sports, Supersapiens is proud to offer this cutting-edge solution to the community that needs it most: those living with diabetes. The United States is at a pivotal moment. Over 37.3 million Americans, approximately 1 in 9, are grappling with diabetes. As these numbers are projected to rise, Supersapiens is unwavering in its dedication to introducing a scalable solution.

The insights and analytics honed from Supersapiens’ work with top athletes are now being tailored to meet the unique needs of the diabetes community. This deep dive into the intricate nuances of glucose fluctuations and glycemic responses is invaluable for those living with diabetes. Supersapiens is more than just a monitoring tool; it’s a solution for proactive diabetes management.

Through Supersapiens, the world of high-performance sport converges with everyday diabetes health, heralding a new era where the insights from elite athletic performance illuminate the path to optimal diabetes management.

The company’s achievements speak volumes. Supersapiens was a proud finalist and participant in the NBA Launchpad, earned the runner-up spot in the SFIA 2023 Start-up Challenge, was selected by the Financial Times as the best sports-driven technology, highlighted by Business Insider as a top 25 promising sports tech start-ups to watch, and won the Global Triathlon Award for the best tech product across multi-sports. Furthermore, their design was recognized in 2022 with the iF Design Award for the best performance diagnostic/tracking wearable.

The crowdfunding campaign will run for a total of 90 days, giving supporters ample time to be part of this groundbreaking initiative.

For more details about the crowdfunding campaign and to support Supersapiens in this expansion, visit Republic.com. To stay informed on the latest updates and join the waitlist for early access testing visiting diabetes.supersapiens.com. To schedule an interview with a Supersapiens executive, please contact Fitzalan Crowe: fitzalan@supersapiens.com.

About Supersapiens

Supersapiens, a tech company that initially launched with an ecosystem designed to deliver innovative insights around glucose to unlock better performance and recovery for athletes, is now expanding into the diabetes space where it will offer a diabetes-specific app to inspire and engage people with diabetes on their metabolic health journey. The Supersapiens ecosystem is developed to provide innovative data insights that empower positive behavior change and unlock the keys for improved metabolic health for people living with diabetes. Learn more about Supersapiens and its offerings at https://www.supersapiens.com.