Team MPI Adds Maria Netherland to Senior Leadership and Celebrates A Successful Challenge Series

December 17, 2020

Team MPI adds Maria Netherland to Senior Leadership Team and celebrates the success of their #TeamMPILife Challenge Series!

Boise, ID (December 2020)– Despite all the difficulties 2020 brought, Team MPI is finding ways to grow and help athletes continue getting smarter, stronger, and faster!

Team MPI bolstered its senior leadership team by adding Maria Netherland to the staff. Maria has been on the coaching team for more than two years, leading clinics, helping run training camps, and equipping a wide variety of athletes to reach their endurance sports goals.

“Maria will bring a much-needed fresh perspective and years of experience and wisdom to our senior leadership team,” said Team MPI owner, Mark Sortino. “She loves helping others achieve their full potential and Maria will be a great asset to the future and growth of Team MPI.”

In addition to expanding their senior leadership staff, Team MPI hosted its first #TeamMPILife Challenge series. Designed to help athletes develop their mental and physical strength and endurance, each of the three challenges lasted one week and included daily activities for participants to accomplish.

“We were thrilled to have over 100 athletes participate (in at least one of the #TeamMPILife Challenges!” said senior coach, Gregg Edelstein. “Our goal is always to equip athletes to learn and continue growing. This challenge series was a great way to keep athletes engaged and developing new skills during a difficult season.”

Team MPI raffled off some sweet prizes to athletes who completed each challenge. “We are so thankful for our incredible partners who made the raffle prizes possible,” beamed Edelstein. “Each one was generous and really enthusiastic to help us offer a great experience and some amazing racing and recovery tools.”

Team MPI extends a special thanks to NormaTec/Hyperice, Blueseventy, Rudy Project, AltRed, iThlete, and Orange Mud who really made this challenge series special. Their generosity and excitement helped equip and empower endurance athletes to continue getting smarter, stronger, and faster every day.


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