TBI Joins Endurance Sports Coalition

April 27, 2020

In response to COVID-19, Triathlon Business International (TBI) has joined the Endurance Sports Coalition. Founded in 2010, TBI is a multisport industry networking organization of businesses and individuals who support the growth and success of triathlon as a business and a sport. For more information about TBI, click here.

The Endurance Sports Coalition consists of 600+ endurance events, joined together to use the strength of a united voice to push Congress for additional relief for operators of endurance sporting events, coaches and endemic vendors. ESC’s goal is to ensure that the endurance industry can retain its employees, support its athletes, and be prepared to offer fitness experiences when it’s safe to be outside again. For more information about ESC and to find out how you can help, visit the website here.

About Triathlon Business International

Triathlon Business International is the world’s leading organization dedicated to promoting the sport and business of triathlon. Founded by a coalition of industry leaders, TBI’s mission is to leverage the knowledge, talent, and resources of the leaders in triathlon to the benefit of the sport by increasing and retaining advocates of triathlon and fostering a positive image of the sport. Follow TBI on Twitter and Facebook.