SweatWorks acquires wodRocket

June 1, 2020

SweatWorks completes acquisition of wodRocket to join its Conquest Events™ platform!

Arlington, VA. – SweatWorks, the digital agency that created Conquest Events™, has completed the acquisition of wodRocket – a leading functional fitness event platform.

“wodRocket was one of the first digital platforms in functional fitness and took the lead in innovating several features.  We are excited to welcome wodRocket events into the Conquest Events™ suite of products,” said Mohammed Iqbal, Founder and CEO at SweatWorks. “We have worked closely with wodRocket over the last several weeks to ensure a smooth transition.”

Combined with wodRocket, Conquest Events™ is now the leading functional fitness events platform in the market.  Conquest Events™ continues to actively develop its platform and release new features monthly.  More recently, Conquest Events™, released improvements to its virtual events capabilities during the current pandemic to allow event organizers of all types to hold virtual events on the platform.

“We could not be more excited to join SweatWorks during these unprecedented times.  Their depth and experience in fitness ensures that our events will be in good hands for years to come,” said Chris Berry, founder of wodRocket. “Having an innovative and powerful platform that continues to evolve will ensure the success of our event organizers during these unprecedented times and beyond.”

About Conquest Events™

 Conquest Events is the powerful event suite from SweatWorks that offers event apps, registration, live leaderboard and scoring, points series, event management, marketing, and media services. Conquest Events Photos is the most advanced photo platform available, highlighted by its facial recognition software, as well as its immediate delivery and flexible integration capabilities. It has been trusted by more than 1,000 events and has the highest-rated support team in the industry driven by its customer-first approach—meaning seamless technology for all events. (www.conquestevents.net.)

About SweatWorks

SweatWorks is the leading digital agency in fitness and wellness. Their experience merging their user-focused design with innovative technology has created some of the most engaging experiences for the brands they work with (www.sweatworks.net.)

SweatWorks:  hello@sweatworks.net