Sweatcoin appoints Endurance Zone to supercharge their in-app rewards

October 23, 2023
  • Sweatcoin, the move-to-earn fitness app, partners with Endurance Zone, a global leader in reward and engagement solutions for the sports, fitness, and health sector.
  • This collaboration aims to enhance Sweatcoin’s in-app rewards, offering quality-focused offers that build on the existing suite of rewards.
  • Users can expect an even more engaging and motivating experience, as the partnership further encourages physical activity while providing significant savings.

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Sweatcoin, a leading fitness app that rewards users for physical activity, is thrilled to announce their strategic appointment of Endurance Zone, a global provider of reward and engagement solutions built for the sports, fitness, and health sector. This exciting collaboration aims to enhance the rewards within the Sweatcoin app, providing users with an even more engaging and motivating experience.

Sweatcoin are renowned as pioneers of the “Move to Earn” model, which motivates users to lead active lifestyles by rewarding them for their physical activity. The app has become a driving force for personal fitness and wellness. Notably, Sweatcoin has tracked an astonishing 23 trillion steps, showcasing its impact on promoting physical activity and well-being.

The appointment of Endurance Zone, who already reward millions of users across the world, aims to enhance Sweatcoin’s mission by offering a hand-picked selection of high-quality sports, fitness, and health-related rewards that save users money and motivate physical activity.

Endurance Zone has earned a reputation for providing top-tier rewards in the sports, fitness, and health market, which aligns well with Sweatcoin’s vision. Sweatcoin has also chosen Endurance Zone to help secure exclusive advertising opportunities within the app, leveraging their extensive industry connections.

Endurance Zone’s approach focuses on delivering highly relevant, sought-after rewards that are typically hard to find elsewhere, adding substantial value for Sweatcoin’s users. Endurance Zone’s expertise lies in curating a selection of rewards that align closely with users’ interests and fitness goals, ensuring that each reward not only motivates physical activity but also aids them in their fitness journey.

Anton Derlyatka, CEO of Sweatcoin, expressed his enthusiasm for the appointment, stating, “At Sweatcoin, our goal is to inspire a healthier, more active world. Appointing Endurance Zone will take us a step closer to achieving that goal. We’re excited to provide our users with an even better selection of rewards that will motivate them to lead healthier lives.”

David Birch, CEO of Endurance Zone, echoed this sentiment, saying, “We’re delighted to join forces with Sweatcoin to enrich their app and help millions of users achieve their fitness and wellness goals. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to providing the world’s best rewards and technology to organisations that engage people with active lifestyles.”

For more information on Sweatcoin and Endurance Zone, please visit https://sweatco.in/ and www.endurancezone.com respectively.

About Sweatcoin:

Sweatcoin is a leading fitness app that incentivises physical activity by rewarding users for their steps and active lifestyles. As pioneers of the “Move to Earn” model and having tracked 23 trillion steps, Sweatcoin encourages individuals to lead healthier, more active lives.

About Endurance Zone:

Endurance Zone is a global platform for sports and fitness brands to engage, reward and retain active customers.

The unique platform powers gyms, governing bodies and membership organisations with rewards that are highly relevant for customers with active lifestyles – rewards that drive consumer behaviour and commercial benefit.

With white-label technology, the platform is heavily customisable and seamlessly integrates into any customer journey. Endurance Zone power the likes of British Cycling, Fitness First, Great Run Company and many more – rewarding millions in the process.

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