supertri Announces New Team Franchise Model and Podium Racing as First License Owner

May 30, 2024

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – supertri is making a departure from the traditional model of league-owned teams to a bold new structure of franchise-based ownership and can today announce the first of its four teams as Podium Racing.

supertri’s new initiative is a strategic move designed to enhance the league’s resonance with fans and participants worldwide, amplifying the triathlon experience to unprecedented levels.

The four teams of four men and four women will compete in supertri’s League, beginning in 2024 in Boston on August 18. All teams must include an under-23 athlete in line with supertri’s commitment to developing the future of triathlon, and the teams will compete for a prize pot of $1.1m, which sits outside of individual prize money. The team franchise is purchased in perpetuity by its owner.

At the heart of supertri’s approach is the goal to empower franchisees to evolve teams into distinct brands. This empowerment is key to unlocking the untapped potential within the community and local markets to propel the sport forward.

Teams, in the supertri universe, are envisioned as much more than competitors; they are essential pillars for the promotion and growth of triathlon. Transitioning to franchise ownership, supertri is tapping into local enthusiasm, commitment, and insight to foster a deeper, more meaningful connection with the sport’s global audience.

After a competitive process, supertri can today reveal the first franchise has been acquired by a group of investors led by Podium Racing. John Anthony, founder of Podium Racing, has partnered with four-time triathlon World Champion Tim Don, as a founding partner and its team manager. They will compete in supertri as Podium Racing.

Podium Racing is a coaching company inspired by years of experience in the sport of triathlon and a desire to create a coaching platform that deviates from the traditional coaching model. Podium Racing’s mission is to redefine the athletes’ experience by building a network of coaches across key performance domains while also incorporating the latest in AI and wearable technology.

Podium Racing Co. currently includes Podium Adaptive (an all-encompassing platform for the development of adaptive athletes), Podium Foundation (a not for profit which provides funding for next generation athletes and adaptive athletes) and Podium Racing (a squad of professional athletes, including those that will compete on the Podium Racing supertri team). Podium Racing is led by founder John Anthony, a former Whoop and Google product leader and dad of USA Project Podium elite athlete, Luke Anthony.

supertri CEO and Co-Founder, Michael D’hulst, said: “Franchise-owned teams are pivotal in democratising triathlon, creating wider fan accessibility and igniting passion among a diverse audience. Unlike the conventional approach, for us, it is not merely a fundraising tool; it’s an invitation for entrepreneurs to leave their mark on the future of triathlon and shape the narrative.

“Our franchises aren’t just assets; they’re catalysts for the sport’s growth and the first touch point for fans. Our team owners are more than stakeholders; they’re partners in passion, amplifying the sport’s essence.

“Through franchise ownership, supertri’s landscape shifts, empowering teams to craft unique identities and forge personal connections with supporters. This strategy broadens supertri’s appeal and embeds its roots deeper within the triathlon community.”

Podium Racing Founder, John Anthony, said: “We’re excited to be partnering with supertri as another avenue for Podium Racing to evolve our sport. I’ve seen first hand how supertri has already done incredible things for triathlon, and we see owning one of the first team licences as an extremely valuable investment”.

“I am very excited to be working with Tim Don, a legend of the sport and already a successful supertri Team Manager. Winning two out of the last three supertri seasons, Tim and I immediately aligned on our goals of creating a winning team. This is about assembling great athletes who want to operate as a team and stand on the top step of the podium. I am, however, making Tim’s job difficult because we also want to provide next gen athletes with amazing race opportunities, but not at the compromise of winning.”

Tim Don said: “Being a founding partner and manager of the racing team of the newly formed Podium Racing team is something I have always dreamed of. I am so excited we will be racing in supertri for 2024 and beyond. The DNA of our team is performance, development of the next generation and growing the sport of triathlon to the masses, and letting the fans in along our journey. Along with John we have the winning combination and strategy to defend the supertri title I won in 2023. Brave committed racing from our exciting team, backed by world leading innovation and technology with some long term committed partners, this is going to be something special. Bring on the racing.”

Podium Racing will begin competing in the supertri League 2024, which is as follows:

  • August 18: supertri Boston
  • August 25: supertri Chicago
  • September 8: supertri London
  • October 6: supertri Toulouse
  • November 3: supertri NEOM

Further announcements on Team Rosters, kit and the League will be made in the coming weeks.


About supertri

supertri has a vision to ‘Inspire The Competitor In Everyone’. Its professional racing falls under the supertri brand. supertri is the innovative and entertaining professional closed league format that redefined the sport, delivering high-octane racing featuring the world’s best athletes competing in teams on stadium-like courses. supertri E is one of sport’s most innovative and award winning formats which blends real life and virtual racing, and which featured at the IOC’s Olympic Esports Week. Its supertri E World Triathlon Championship in partnership with World Triathlon crowns official Esports triathlon World Champions. It has an additional brand pillar which delivers some of the biggest short course triathlon participation events in the world and has raised millions for charity.

About Podium Racing

Podium Racing is on a mission to redefine the athlete experience by building a network of coaching experts across key performance domains. Alongside sits Podium Adaptive, an all-encompassing platform for the development of adaptive athletes, and Podium Foundation, a not for profit which provides funding support for next generation athletes and Podium Adaptive athletes. Podium Racing is now launching a supertri team and an elite development squad that can serve as a feeder program. Podium Racing is led by its founder John Anthony, a product leader in the health and fitness space who has launched several startups and worked for brands such as WHOOP, Google and Supersapiens.