Strava Announces Family Plan, Dark Mode, AI Cheat Finder

May 16, 2024

Strava has just announced a slate of updates at their annual Camp Strava event, where they show off a bunch of newness. This year’s event is the first time new CEO, Michael Martin, is at the helm, after starting back in January – and he appears very keen to say ‘there’s a new sheriff in town’. And I’ll give them credit, their little 82 second teaser video is hilariously well done – it’s simply their CEO sitting there, reading mean social media comments…and agreeing to them!

The new family plan will allow up to four people to join together under a single paid membership that has all the same rights/features as an individual membership. Further, you don’t need to live at the same address. Strava specifically notes that it can be any four people, as long as they’re within the same country (and aren’t already members). In other words, you could find three other ride buddies and split the cost between yourselves. DC Rain Maker