Strava Abruptly Ends 3rd Party Data Sync to Apple Health

March 14, 2022

It’s been a few years since Strava has managed to irk the Internet, but over the last few days, they’ve unleashed a torrent of upset Apple users. If you’re an Android user, then this post probably won’t mean much to you. Instead, you can go look at old travel posts here for entertainment. But for Apple users who have (for years) used Strava’s ability to take 3rd party workouts (e.g. Zwift, Garmin, TrainerRoad, etc…) synced to Strava, and insert them into Apple Health – that capability was abruptly killed off late last week. And with that, killing off many people’s ability to ‘complete their rings’ on Apple Health, especially Apple Watch users that primarily used other devices for sport/fitness for their workouts. DC Rainmaker