Startup PedalCell launches patented technology that charges devices from bicycle motion

June 21, 2021

Chicago, Illinois (June 22nd, 2021) Startup PedalCell, based in Chicago, IL, is rushing to create more inventory after a spring demand surge. Founded by three engineer cyclists, their patented USB device charger generates power from a cyclist’s motion and started shipping in October 2020. PedalCell can charge USB devices such as smartphones, lights, GPS, fitness trackers, and action cameras with near negligible drag. Unlike bicycle dynamo generators made in the past for low-energy lights, PedalCell provides the power and intelligent circuitry needed to charge modern USB devices.

PedalCell’s charger trounces alternatives in power output and efficiency, containing 2-3X the charging performance of any bicycle dynamo generator. Its riders are able to charge a 10,000 mAh battery in just 4 hours of cycling. In addition, the product contains 11 weather-resistant seals to operate in mud, rain, sleet, and snow. PedalCell has won 17 innovation awards, including the midwest’s largest hardware startup competition.

PedalCell has received glowing reviews from many respected bicyclists who’ve tested the device in grueling conditions. Acclaimed bikepacker and professional photographer Jakob Carlsen added the product to his bicycle rig to power his multi-week unsupported races,

“PedalCell had unnoticeable drag and provided the same power on asphalt or muddy mountain riding trails; charging my camera gear, drone, smartphone, battery bank, and bike computer.”

Adam Hokin, PedalCell CEO, commented, “We were the first in two or three decades to engineer a bicycle power solution from the ground-up. Demand is climbing well above our projections thanks to our unique value proposition and the ongoing bike boom. Adventure cyclists are starting to see us as the go-to option to stay powered on long trips. Even riders in more urban areas value the convenience of not having to remember to charge up their devices before starting their ride.

PedalCell catered its key feature set for adventure cyclists who take multi-day rides:

  • Durability: An electronics design with a 20X outdoor lifespan of any battery housed in aluminum and fiberglass-reinforced nylon with 11 weather-resistant seals.
  • Easy install: The product mounts on nearly any bicycle design in just minutes.
  • Low drag: saps minimal ride energy with 2-3X less drag per watt than dynamo generators and can fully disengage from the wheel in seconds.
  • Charges at slow speeds: Up to 3X the power output of dynamo generators at any speed, allowing charging at slower paces.
  • Value: An incredible product value at $299; ½ the cost of dynamo charger alternatives.

You can learn more about the company at pedalcell.com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. End.

Media Contact:

David Harper