Star-Studded Virtual Events for National Triathlon Week

June 23, 2020

UCAN to bring triathlon community together for education and inspiration

Top players from all aspects of the triathlon world have come together for “Triathlon’s Transition: Conquering the Pandemic & Fostering Diversity,” a series of events orchestrated by UCAN. These star-studded events feature Mark Allen, Siri Lindley, Bob Babbitt, Karen Smyers, Tim O’Donnell, Dr. Tekemia Dorsey, and USAT’s Chief of Staff, Victoria Brumfield, among several other prominent leaders in the sport of triathlon to celebrate National Triathlon Week (June 24th through June 30th).

Kelly O’Mara, Editor-in-Chief at Triathlete Magazine, will lead a discussion about overcoming two of the main challenges in the sport: emerging from the pandemic, and encouraging diversity to grow the sport. Panelists include world-class pro triathlete Tim O’Donnell, founder of the black-run, black-owned District Triathlon Club Marcus Fitts, USAT’s Chief of Staff Victoria Brumfield, and race director Gabriela Gallegos. The marquee event, hosted by UCAN and presented by Triathlete magazine, is set for release at 8 pm ET on Tuesday, June 30.

“This is an unprecedented time, not just in our sport but in the world,” said O’Mara. “Triathletes are not alone in trying to figure out what it all means for us and our sport. We’re excited to partner in this conversation about creating meaningful change and working together so that the future of triathlon is bright.”

The Coach’s Roundtable will be led by Mark Allen, Siri Lindley, Karen Smyers and Dr. Tekemia Dorsey. Pro triathlete and race commentator Dede Griesbauer will guide the conversation about preparing athletes to race in this new climate, as well as adapting training techniques and mindset while keeping safe.

“At UCAN, we strive to bring together the best in the endurance world to offer varied perspectives that help educate and inspire all the stakeholders that are part of triathlon,” says Shoba Murali, CEO of The UCAN Company. “We are honored to have so many legends and influencers of the triathlon world together for this series during National Triathlon Week.”

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