Squirt Cycling Products Partners with Adventure Racing World Series

July 24, 2023

Squirt’s core products include a Barrier Balm, Chain Lube, Bike Cleaner and Tyre Sealant – all of which are needed by adventure racers.

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ -The primary disciplines of the sport of Adventure Racing include trekking, mountain biking and paddling with map-and-compass navigation to bring them all together. It is in this environment that Squirt Cycling Products are well suited, making them a perfect partner for the Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS).

Squirt’s core products include a Barrier Balm, Chain Lube, Bike Cleaner and Tyre Sealant – all of which are needed by adventure racers.

“With crossing rivers, paddling, cycling, trekking and running, adventure racers have many places that chaffe,” says Squirt CEO Danie van Wyk, Marketing Director of Squirt Cycling Products.

“Their clothes get wet, they’re on their feet, bike saddles and kayak seats, and they carry backpacks so there are toes, heels, bums, armpits, nipples, hands and lips that benefit from using our Barrier Balm,” he added.

Danie explains that Squirt’s Barrier Balm is an all-natural product with a high proportion of fatty lanolin. It repels water, stays on the skin longer and it protects the skin in wet and dry conditions. There is tea tree oil in the balm for its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

In adventure races, the cycling legs make up the greatest distance at events. In an event like Expedition Africa, host of the 2023 Adventure Racing World Championship in South Africa in October, 65% of the 700-kilometre course distance will be covered by mountain bike.

“Teams will be in the middle of nowhere with no support,” Danie says. “They need to prevent mechanical issues by starting with their bikes in good shape and be able to minimise and remedy problems along the way.”

Squirt’s SEAL Tyre Sealant plugs punctures made by objects up to 6mm in diameter and it functions in extreme conditions from well below zero to swelteringly hot. Teams face changeable conditions at multi-day events like the AR World Series events held around the world.

Like their tyre sealant, Squirt’s Chain Lube products work hard. Their Long-lasting Chain Lube is a win in the adventure racing environment as the wax-based formula is suited to the wet and dry environments that teams are sure to encounter.

When the race is over, Squirt’s Bike Cleaner will see teams returning to their home countries with clean bikes loaded into their bike boxes.

As an official partner for AR World Series, Squirt provides product to ARWS events around the world. Sachets and pocket-sized bottles of Barrier Balm and Chain Lube are given to teams and refills are available at transitions.

“Our products are tough and robust like adventure racers themselves. Our products allow racers to enjoy the environment that they play in by respecting and not damaging it,” says Danie.

He explains that Squirt’s products are environmentally friendly, stable and biodegradable. Squirt is conscious of the ecosystems that teams pass through and ensure that there is nothing damaging in their formulas.

“Race directors have to get permissions from landowners, forestry, nature conservation and other bodies for their events. It is a big consideration for us that our products, which are used by participants, adhere to and exceed environmental rules and guidelines around the world.

“We are happy sending our products into rainforests,” he adds.

Other environmentally conscious initiatives include Squirt using already-recycled materials for their packaging and supplying their Bike Cleaner as a concentrate that can be diluted at home in the reusable bottle provided. Individuals can also refill their Squirt Lube applicator bottles from bulk containers in stores – and races – to aid the significant reduction of plastic waste.

“As South Africans, we are especially proud to have a South African brand involved with AR World Series. Squirt’s products are distributed all around the world – this is phenomenal and such a privilege for us to have Squirt as partners,” says Heidi Muller, CEO of AR World Series. Heidi and her husband Stephan are also the Race Directors of Expedition Africa and hosts of the AR World Championship in October.

Squirt products are distributed in 40 countries. Learn more about Squirt’s cycling products on their website www.squirtcyclingproducts.com and follow and their brand and innovations through social media @SquirtCyclingProducts.

The Adventure Racing World Series brings together premier adventure races from around the word to create a competitive series of Qualifier events that culminate in an annual Adventure Racing World Championship. Events can be followed online through reports, videos, images and live GPS tracking through the ARWS website and social media.

Learn more about the Adventure Racing World Series, its Regional and Qualifier events and the Adventure Racing World Championship on arworldseries.com