Sports Tech HQ Invests in SummaForte™, a Science-Driven Performance and Recovery Brand For Athletes, Fitness-Conscious Consumers, and Sports Training, Rehabilitation and Medical Professionals

August 8, 2023

INDIANAPOLIS /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Sports Tech HQ is pleased to announce its investment in SummaForte, a performance and recovery brand leveraging CBD, clinically-tested nutrients, and innovative manufacturing and delivery technologies to help people achieve peak performance and rapid recovery. The US Farm Bill of 2018 legalized CBD throughout the US, but the market has not yet been fully regulated by the FDA. Consequently, trust is a key differentiator, especially for athletes, athletic trainers, nutritionists, and doctors who want the peace of mind that comes with science.

“SummaForte’s use of science and technology is setting them apart from the pack. We believe SummaForte™ is poised to become a trailblazer in the rapidly growing market at the intersection of CBD, athletics and fitness, and we’re excited to support them on their journey” said Jeffrey Hintz, Executive Director of STHQ.

CBD’s unique health benefits derive from bolstering the human endocannabinoid system, an important network of neurotransmitters and receptors that helps keep the body in physical and mental balance. Since 2022, several professional sports leagues have officially opened up to products with CBD, conditioned on having achieved NSF Certified for Sport® status, the highest safety certification for sports supplements. SummaForte is one of only a few brands with CBD to have achieved this certification. Already top golfers, professional baseball, hockey and football players, Ironman athletes, ultra-marathoners, athletic trainers, sports medicine doctors and Olympians have embraced its products.

“We’re fortunate to have some of the country’s top scientists, doctors and athletic trainers supporting us in identifying performance and recovery needs and then developing products to meet them,” said Jeff Thinnes, CEO and co-founder of SummaForte. “This partnership with Sports Tech HQ is another strong and important validation — similar to our NSF Certified for Sport® status — of the integrity, efficacy and trustworthiness of our science and technology-driven performance and recovery brand.”

Sports Tech HQ strives to create opportunities for sports tech entrepreneurs by investing in innovation and cultivating a community of creators. The organization fosters cross-industry collaboration and supports companies through every stage of their development. For more information, visit STHQ.org.

SummaForte offers three signature performance and recovery products:


SummaTape is a pre-cut lightweight therapeutic kinesiology tape designed to mimic the skin’s elasticity. It provides muscle and ligament support, helps lessen pain, reduces swelling, and improves performance and recovery. Kinesiology tape, CBD and menthol all work together to help fight inflammation.

  • Kinesiology tape slightly lifts the skin facilitates flow of subcutaneous fluids.
  • Menthol stimulates blood flow in inflamed areas and works with the CBD to accelerate muscle repair and improve circulation.
  • Standard strips are 2” x 8” and each strip contains 12.5mg of CBD. Slim strips are 2/3” x 5” and each strip contains 2.5mg of CBD.


An all-natural powder mix with 3 leading nutrients that work together to provide sustained energy, focus and quicker more accurate reactions. Packaged in individual one-drink sachets, you simply add to water or smoothies and enjoy. SummaMix™ became only the third product with CBD to achieve NSF-Certified for Sport® certification. Each sachet contains:

  • 25mg of premium CBD for calming energy all day.
  • The most clinically tested Lutein for clearer focus.
  • A clinically-tested spearmint-based nootropic for improved mental acuity.


SummaRest is an all-natural sleep capsule that helps you fall asleep fast, sleep through the night, and wake up refreshed and alert.

  • SummaRest combines CBN (a cannabinoid with restorative sleep benefits) with CBD and sleep-enhancing botanicals including Valerian Root.
  • SummaRest calms the mind and body for a restorative sleep and no next-day grogginess.
  • SummaRest has no Melatonin. Synthetic melatonin has the potential to disrupt the natural sleep cycle and has been banned as an OTC sleep aid in some countries.

SummaForte’s co-founders are Indiana University graduates, and it has received significant support from Indiana-based investors as well as alumni across the country providing a variety of services from banking to market research to graphic design and more.


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