Space Technology Boost to Outlaw Triathlon Series

April 13, 2021

Live Photos and Facial Recognition announced by OSB Events in bounce-back partnership with UK Space Tech Firm.

The Outlaw Triathlon Series has partnered with AWOL to access their state-of-the-art facial recognition photography, in conjunction with the UK & European Space Agencies.

Free race photography is a popular feature at Outlaw events and the new partnership with AWOL will benefit every competitor taking part across the five events this year.

Using facial recognition technology along with timing chips and race numbers means that each competitor will have a lot more pictures available, faster, and at a more diverse number of locations. Visible race numbers will still be necessary for officiating purposes but manually sorting through thousands of swim exit photographs will be a thing of the past. AWOL technology can overcome most visors and large sunglasses, too, as well as goggles, swim hats and changes of clothes!

Competitors will have the option to to have pictures sent to their friends and family live during the race and will have immediate access to high quality photographs as soon as they finish.

Event Director, Iain Hamilton said: “We’re excited to introduce AWOL photography into our events and believe it will really add to the Outlaw experience. Waiting days to see precious finishing line pictures is a thing of the past!”

He added: “We’re really pleased to have a full season of events planned and to be able to introduce this technology is really exciting.”

Chief Operations Officer, Richard Burnett from AWOL added: “We specialise in getting stunning photos to athletes with minimal fuss. We’re excited to be part of the Outlaw Triathlon Series to help them deliver maximum customer satisfaction as part of their standard offer to all competitors.

“We are also looking forward to introducing our live photography services into the Outlaw portfolio as the year progresses. This is a new technology we’ve been working on, in conjunction with the UK and European Space Agencies.”

The Outlaw Triathlon Series will start with Outlaw Half Nottingham on 20 June, quickly followed by Outlaw Half Holkham on 4 July and Outlaw Nottingham on 25 July. The remaining two events, Outlaw Half Bowood and Outlaw X are set for September. Having successfully delivered a covid secure edition of Outlaw X in September 2020, the Series has taken record entries for 2021.

More information:

AWOL Website: https://awol.io

Gov.uk Press Release https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-space-service-to-revolutionise-photography-at-sporting-events