Soul Focus Sports and Hustle Clean Announce Strategic Partnership

August 19, 2020

National active care and hygiene brand teams up with San Francisco-based experiential marketing agency to engage the endurance sports industry while making a positive impact through community initiatives

San Francisco, Calif. (August 19, 2020) – Hustle Clean, the premium active care brand formerly known as ShowerPill, has tapped San Francisco based Soul Focus Sports to engage the endurance industry with its products and socially-conscious initiatives. Founded by former athletes, and led by former NFL running back and CEO, Justin Forsett, the arrival of Hustle Clean’s 99.99% germ-killing body wipe and other high performance active care products come at a time when personal hygiene is of the utmost importance for all people, and especially athletes. In a climate where running and individualized exercise have seen an uptick in participation, Soul Focus aims to highlight Hustle Clean’s products as accessible to endurance athletes of all levels as they participate in activities that can truly be done anytime, anywhere.

“Hustle Clean is at the intersection of hustle and hygiene. We’ve long recognized the endurance category as a natural fit for our products and our values, and we’re happy we can work with a company like Soul Focus to help us build our presence there in an authentic, forward thinking, and socially conscious way,” commented Forsett.

In addition to activating its own proprietary Run Local® brand, Soul Focus will seek partnerships with other events, athletes, communities, and influencers who share the hustle-minded approach.

“We love that we can get out for a midday run and then get back to hustling at the office with the quick use of a Hustle Clean Body Wipe to make us not only feel clean, but kill any germs we’ve encountered while out in the world,” said J.T. Service, CEO of Soul Focus. “And just as important, we love that we can help share this brand with the endurance sports industry at a time when athletes need it most.”

To kick things off Soul Focus has added Hustle Clean’s #ShowerToThePeople initiative into its Run Local Give Local program, which gives 5% of all revenue to charitable causes. The #ShowerToThePeople initiative brings Hustle Clean’s hygiene products to people in areas that lack access to clean water.

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About Hustle Clean
Hustle Clean is a mission-driven, community-oriented business committed to empowering the pursuit of greatness and serving those committed to doing more and being more, without compromise. Their active care product range is at the intersection of hygiene and hustle, and focuses on the needs of high impact and high performance work, everywhere. Hustle Clean is committed to giving back to and serving their communities through youth sport support, ShowerToThePeople donations and bringing personal protective hygiene™  (PPH) and preventative care to underserved, minority communities who are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

About Soul Focus Sports
Entrenched in the San Francisco Bay Area, but connected everywhere, we bring events to life that inspire the running community. Having produced some of the most impactful events in the world we pride ourselves in being able to connect to endurance athletes in an authentic way – the way we would want to be talked to. We believe the key to great work is great people and before Soul Focus, we were athletes, teammates and coaches. We’ve created that same team environment to ensure our clients reach their goals through accountability, hard work, and collaboration. We also believe in supporting our  local communities, and by partnering with like-minded non-profits and brands, we’re able to give back while sharing our love of sport. Learn more at soulfocussports.com.