SlayRx Sports Nutrition Launches SlayWell, an Immunity-Boosting Hydration Mix

May 21, 2020

Atlanta, Georgia, May 21, 2020-  SlayRx, a sports nutrition company specializing in all-natural, effective ingredients, has released an immunity- boosting hydration formula: SlayWell. Using their powerhouse electrolyte blend (based on Himalayan Pink Salt) SlayRx SlayWell is perfect for combating dehydration as well providing Vitamins C, D and Zinc. It contains only 10 calories so it can be enjoyed any time of day whether working out or not. It is available in a brand new mango pineapple flavor.

“I worked with my wife, a family practice physician, to create a formula that is ideal for both helping to keep people healthy and hydrated as well as being a great option for those who are feeling sick at home.” said Srikanth Gundavarapu, UGA- educated master food scientist and CEO of SlayRx.

  • One tub of SlayWell contains 25 servings
  • 26mcg Vitamin D
  • 500mg Vitamin C
  • 12mg Zinc
  • No artificial flavors or colors used
  • Keto Friendly
  • Vegan and Gluten Free

The entire line of SlayRx products is available for retail and wholesale purchase at https://www.slayrx.com

About SlayRx

SlayRx sports nutrition is the brainchild of a master food scientist / endurance athlete who has no patience for anything but the highest quality and most effective ingredients available. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, SlayRx is passionate about helping active people reach their full potential by taking the guesswork out of their fuel, energy, hydration, and recovery strategies. For more information, go to https://www.slayrx.com and follow us on Facebook or Instagram @here4slayrx .

 Media Contact

Kara Sasser –  Kara@slayrx.com