Silver Rush 50 Weekend Welcomes 1,300 Runners and Riders to Leadville

July 10, 2022

Defending champion Lindsey Herman of Gunnison, Colo. took first place in the 50-mile run for the women and Bryan Kerl of Salida, Colo. finished first for the men’s division. Hannah Reese of Little, Colo. took first place in the 50-mile MTB for the women and Jack Odron of Denver, Colo. finished first for the men’s division.

Leadville, Colo., (July 10, 2022) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The Life Time Silver Rush 50 Run presented by La Sportiva and Stages Cycling Silver Rush 50 Mountain Bike race events, owned and produced by Life Time (NYSE: LTH), took place in a back-to-back format this weekend, bringing more than 1,300 runners and cyclists representing 43 states and seven countries to Leadville, Colo. Athletes ages 12 to 75 took on various event distances as part of this family-friendly endurance weekend.

On Saturday, runners participating in the 50-mile race began the day at 10,200 feet and reached 12,000 feet on four separate occasions. Riders participating in Sunday’s 50-mile mountain bike race pedaled approximately 8,000 feet of elevation gain. There are also 15-mile race options for the run and MTB.

Endurance enthusiasts up for an even bigger challenge were invited to sign up for the Silver Queen and Silver King, first completing the Silver Rush 50 Run on Saturday and then the Stages Cycling Silver Rush 50 MTB on Sunday.

“Silver Rush weekend holds such a special place in the hearts of athletes. Seeing our trail running and mountain biking communities gathering in one place for a two-day endurance festival in the mountains is a unique celebration unlike any other, said Ryan Cross, Senior Marketing Manager at Life Time. “The magic of Leadville was on full display this weekend with unmatched energy from the athletes, crews and spectators!”

While the courses are no easy feat, the Silver Rush 50 Run and MTB are the perfect way for athletes to experience Leadville Race Series’ longer-distance offerings without the pressure of the signature 100-mile events. The weekend is an ideal family-friendly outing to watch the race, and enjoy the shops, restaurants, and scenery in and around Leadville, one of the most spectacular race venues in the world.

Silver Rush 50 Run Results: 

50-mile run – women’s division:

  1. Lindsey Herman, 24, of Gunnison, Colo. with a time of 7:31:19
  2. Mercedes Siegle-Gaither, 30, of Salida, Colo. with a time of 8:20:15
  3. Ash Warner, 36, of Leadville, Colo. with a time of 8:21:43

50-mile run – men’s division:

  1. Bryan Kerl, 30, of Salida, Colo. with a time of 6:16:17
  2. JP Giblin, 27, of Boulder, Colo. with a time of 6:18:37
  3. Vincent Paikowski, 27, of Colorado Springs, Colo. with a time of 6:37:56

15-mile run – women’s division:

  1. Megan Cooke, 30, of Boulder, Colo. with a time of 2:17:10
  2. Chrissy Lofgren, 24, of Colorado Springs, Colo. with a time of 2:18:33
  3. Christy Aish, 44, of Conifer, Colo. with a time of 2:24:32

15-mile run – men’s division:

  1. Jimmy McCue, 32, of Denver, Colo. with a time of 1:57:36
  2. Tom Dillard, 39, of Norcross, Ga. with a time of 2:22:45
  3. Tyler Wood, 38, of Golden, Colo. with a time of 2:28:14

Silver Rush 50 MTB Results: 

50-mile MTB – women’s division:

  1. Hannah Reese, 31, of Littleon, Colo. with a time of 4:54:01
  2. Sarah Horen, 28, of Steamboat Springs, Colo. with a time of 5:08:58
  3. Sharnnon Edson, 42, of Louisville, Colo. with a time of 5:13:50

50-mile MTB – men’s division:

  1. Jack Odron, 19, of Denver, Colo. with a time of 3:35:05
  2. Henry Nelson, 20, of Lawrence, Kan. with a time of 3:42:38
  3. Nolan Van Harte, 26 of Frisco, Colo. with a time of 3:45:39

15-mile MTB – women’s division:

  1. Paola Larson, 41, of Castle Rock, Colo. with a time of 1:21:50
  2. Anabella Palmer, 21, of Littleton, Colo. with a time of 1:24:19
  3. Sarah Jadelis, 33, of Louisville, Colo. with a time of 1:31:00

15-mile MTB – men’s division:

  1. Luke Ozment, 14, of Golden, Colo. with a time of 1:04:47
  2. Kevin Miller, 51, of Woodland Park, Colo. with a time of 1:15:51
  3. Avery Smith, 21, of Vail, Colo. with a time of 1:16:22

The next running event on the Leadville Race Series calendar is the Life Time Leadville 10K Run presented by La Sportiva on Aug. 14. The legendary Life Time Leadville Trail 100 Run presented by La Sportiva, also known as the “Race Across The Sky” will take place Aug. 20.

The next bike event on the Life Time off-road event calendar is the Stages Cycling Tahoe Trail, a Leadville 100 qualifier, on July 16 followed by the Stages Cycling Leadville Stage Race happening July 29 – 31. The Stages Cycling Leadville Trail 100 MTB, the fourth event in the Life Time Grand Prix Series presented by Mazda, will take place on Aug. 13.

This weekend’s endurance weekend was part of the Lead Challenge, where participants race five of Leadville’s trail run and mountain bike events, ranging from 26.2 to 100 miles, for a total of 282.4 miles. Racers must complete each event within the allotted cut off time in order to move on and be eligible for the next event in the series.

To view all of the Life Time athletic events, including their off-road cycling events, please visit: https://my.lifetime.life/athletic-events.html.

The Silver Rush 50 Run & MTB are owned and produced by Life Time, the premier healthy lifestyle brand. They are among more than 30 premier athletic events owned by the company, including Garmin UNBOUND Gravel, Verizon New York City Triathlon, Chicago Triathlon, and Miami Marathon.

About the Leadville Race Series

Started with only 45 runners as the Leadville Trail 100 Run in 1983, the Leadville Race Series now consists of seven running events and four mountain biking events, plus six events in the Leadville Qualifying Series. The Race Series stretches across three months, and hosts thousands of racers on foot and on mountain bikes in some of the world’s most iconic events. Endurance athletes worldwide now make the pilgrimage to Leadville, Colo., with the single goal of competing in “The Race Across the Sky.” Visit www.leadvilleraceseries.com for more information.

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