Series Solutions Offers Affected Races Easy Shipping and Fulfillment Solutions for Virtual Races

March 20, 2020

Los Angeles – Series Solutions, a technology group formed to support event organizers, is offering shipping and fulfillment solutions for live events cancelled or affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

Providing event organizers with an all-encompassing plan for transitioning to a virtual race and offering a full suite of shipping, fulfillment & data services allowing clients to reduce costs, ease the logistics burden and improve the delivery timeline of race packets for registered participants.

“We aim to supply race producers with a cost effective option and road map in their transition to a virtual race. By providing the technology and materials needed to distribute race packets, shirts and medals to participants quickly, organizers can improve the virtual race experience”,said Patrick Adams, CTO, Series Solutions.

Event organizer/race producers looking for support and solutions can reach out to info@seriessolutions.com to learn more about the various tools and offerings available.

About Series Solutions

Series Solutions LLC developed by experienced event organizers and data/algorithmic experts to assist owners and operators with various solutions for event series, challenge programs in addition to advanced analytical support.

For more info, www.seriessolutions.com or email info@seriessolutions.com