Sasquatch Racing launches their first virtual event, The (No Stress) Loch Ness 5K/10K/Half & Running Challenge.

April 23, 2020

April 23, 2020, San Francisco, CA. Sasquatch Racing, the production company behind The Sasquatch Scramble, The Rattlesnake Ramble, and The Krampus Cross Country 5K/10K (& Brewfest) is rolling out their very first virtual event, The (No Stress) Loch Ness 5K/10K/Half & Virtual Running Challenge.

Matt Forsman, race director, explains, ‘We launched our first race on the back of everyone’s favorite cryptid (Sasquatch). So, it makes a certain amount of sense that our very first ‘virtual’ event involves everyone’s favorite ‘aquatic’ cryptid (Nessie).”

“We think of Nessie as ‘The Big Lebowski’ of cryptids. He’s cool. He’s casual. He’s always cruising at comfortable, conversational pace (possibly with a White Russian in hand). ‘Stress’ isn’t in his vocabulary. Given the current landscape, Nessie just felt like the perfect mascot for our first crack at the virtual event space.”

All participants in the event get a comfortable, lifestyle friendly cotton tee, a race woodallion from Elevation Culture, and access to a fun, virtual, ten week (5/4-7/12) ‘challenge.’ There’s also a ‘Triple Nessie’ option. Knock off a 5K, 10K, and a Half and Sasquatch Racing will also send you a technical trucker hat and a buff.

Matt says, “In coming up with this event, we recognized we could do more and people need more right now. So, this event includes a ten week ‘Challenge’ component that runs from 5/4-7/12. For ten weeks, participants will receive emails with various running challenges. Anyone who ‘podiums’ (1st/2nd/3rd) scores a prize.”

Matt continues, “Most of these ‘challenges’ are really just goofy, fun, running flavored ‘adventures’. We recognize just how ‘challenged’ most of us are right now and we just want to do whatever we can to keep people happy, healthy, and active this summer. Independent of rolling out a virtual race, we’re trying to create a virtual community people can connect to during this challenging period.”

The (No Stress) Loch Ness Virtual 5K/10K/Half & Running Challenge also includes training schedules, weekly Zoom happy hours with race director Matt Forsman and other special guests.

For more details and registration, go to http://www.sasquatchracing.com/nostresslochness/ or contact Matt at marathonmatt2@hotmail.com.

About Sasquatch Racing:

Sasquatch Racing is a SF/Bay Area based trail race production company committed to creating fun, quirky, offbeat running events that attract new and seasoned runners alike. They host 4-6 ‘trail parties’ a year in the San Francisco/Bay Area. Their races complete typically include ‘trail treasure hunts’, post race brewfests, massage, and much more. Sasquatch Racing typically sees 250-300 runners per event.

Learn more about Sasquatch Racing at www.sasquatchracing.com.